EXTREME " The Journalist " EXTREME

65 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring : Angela and Cucciolo

Cucciolo is a famous singer, a talented pop star appreciated and loved especially by women. Today he has an interview with a journalist for a popular music magazine. After the usual questions about his last record and future projects she asks him to lay down on his bed to pose for some pictures for the magazine. But suddenly while he is still smiling for the camera she stands on him, claiming she knows about his hidden passion for sadistic women, feet and trampling! She forces him to remove his shirt and starts to walk on his body with her extremely sharp high heeled boots. The pop star is really astonished and asks himself how the hell she knows so much since just a few of his very close friends know about about his fetish. He tries to deny it desperately since he can't tolerate such an invasion of his private life which could be made public but the journalist knows he's lying and blackmails him. She will keep his fetish a secret under one condition; he must write a passionate love song for her in his next album. He refuses categorically, claiming nobody will believe a fool like her as she has no proof of his fetish, so she tramples him even harder, especially on his cock. She loses all control now she feels that her dream to have a song dedicated to her by her idol will never come true. She really goes mad, forcing him to lick and swallow her boots and she literally walks on his head as if she wants it to cave in. She marches on his cock and balls applying all her weight on her heels and even sits full weight on his face trying to smother him. But despite the pain he endures (which is too extreme for him to take any pleasure from) he still refuses her demands and will not compromise so she decides to go a step further. She removes his trousers and carries on crushing his private parts under her deadly boots. Then she forces him to remove them and we can't believe our eyes when we see her put his face literally inside her thigh boot as she stands and sits full weight on it, taking his breath away....that's just plain crazy ! She keeps trampling his cock and balls under her tanned stocking feet before removing her stockings to wrap around his head while she stands and sits on it. Poor Cucciolo is very close to falling unconscious as he simply cannot breath. The madness of this journalist knows no limits as she even uses her stockings to tie up his cock and balls and pull them violently with both her hands and feet while crushing them at the same time. The mad journalist then decides that she's done enough for today but before leaving tells him she'll be back in a few days to listen to her new song or else......

A few days later as promised the stunning journalist returns to listen to her song but soon realizes he still had not come round to her way of thinking and hadn't written it for her. FATAL MISTAKE ! She decides she will hurt him really badly now as she crushes his cock and balls with her FULL WEIGHT in her flip flops and barefeet and in the most horrible and painful ways possible. The way she crushes his cock is absolutely out of this world in terms of pain and sadism and the purple color of his private parts speak volumes for what he has to endure. She sits full weight on his face too several time while pulling, stomping, scratching, kicking and squashing his cock and balls. But despite the carnage this poor human being is subject to, he still refuses to write a song for her (at this point you have to believe he is more crazy than her!). Suddenly she sits down and starts a savage footjob that is so powerful and intense that a few minutes later he cums really violently. At this point any barriers have fallen and the pop star finally accepts with pleasure to write a song for this very special journalist who, maybe a little violently, has been able to capture his heart!

Our undisputed Queen of Cock Crush is finally back for yet another masterpiece with her usual mix of sadism and imagination which includes loads of new ideas, positions and situations. The immense and gorgeous Angela is always totally unpredictable and always strikes fear in Cucciolo no matter how experienced he is. Another great video with one of our very top girls !