" The Painter and the Model "

60 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring : Soraya and Cucciolo

Cucciolo is a very famous painter particularly good at painting beautiful women. Today he receives a phone call from a model who would like to pose for him. After he has gets the confirmation she has the level of beauty required he arranges to meet her. The girl arrives a few hours later at his studio and is as gorgeous as claimed ! She gets changed and Cucciolo starts to paint her portrait but today he isn't inspired at all and keeps stalling claiming he feels totally empty. The beautiful model is concerned and tries to understand the reasons for his problems. It turns out he's stressed because he's overwhelmed with work and as all artists he can't be inspired all the time. The model who really wants herself painting decides to relax him in her own way to help him recover some inspiration. She asks him to lay down and starts to massage him sweetly and gently with her feet as a friend had told her this is something he likes. But to her big surprise it doesn't get the results she was hoping for as the artist still has an empty look in his eye. So at this point she decides to arrange something a little more special for him. She unties his belt with her feet and starts to touch and caress his private parts with them. The artist seems to enjoy it but she looks like she enjoys it even more than him ! Soon her excitement causes her to get harder and harder with his cock as she starts to stand FULL WEIGHT on it and to march and crush it as well as his balls, not being able to control her emotions any longer.

Getting more and more hot the girl decides to take off her outfit leaving her in a bikini showing off her beautiful body. The model goes on and on crushing his cock and balls in every possible position always applying her FULL BODY WEIGHT which becomes harder and harder to take for the painter. It looks like she enjoys playing with his cock and balls as much as she enjoys getting her feet licked and kissed as she pushes them deeper and deeper into his mouth. Soon his cock and balls under the constant pressure become sorer and sorer and seem ready to explode at any moment. Her nice, kind massage at the beginning is just a remote souvenir now as the pain has completely overwhelmed any possible semblance of pleasure and any chance of him finding any inspiration to go on with her portrait. So the model decides at this point to give him the ultimate pleasure by giving him the foot job of his life. The great complicity they share in this moment is the key for the painter in finding his inspiration again and he's now ready to finish her portrait which is going to be one of the best he's ever painted !

The gorgeous Soraya makes her very first one-to-one cock and ball trampling video and the result is absolutely fantastic. A great video in which sensuality, sadism, pain and pleasure are mixed in a sublime way. The constant FULL WEIGHT trample action on his cock and balls will leave you speechless ! A super video with an extraordinary girl !