"Ambre - Manhood Crusher !"

65 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring : Ambre and Cucciolo

Ambre and Cucciolo are a couple and are discussing where to spend their Saturday night. But while Ambre is full of energy and ideas, Cucciolo isn't interested and just wants to stay in and watch the football. So Ambre, very frustrated and in need of some attention, puts her feet on the table and asks him to massage them. But once again Cucciolo doesn't show any enthusiasm and after a very quick and careless massage in which he looks bored stiff, asks her to put the TV on. Ambre refuses and offers to find a compromise and makes him a proposal: they play a game of poker and the loser will have to accept EVERYTHING the winner asks them to do for the whole weekend. Cucciolo quickly accepts as he knows he is a much better player than Ambre. But as often happens, the luck of the novice makes the difference and Cucciolo loses so from now on has to obey her for the whole weekend. Ambre, who doesn't appreciate his egotistical attitude and his lack of care for her looks forward to taking her revenge! Immediately, without thinking twice she demands he gets on his knees under the table and worships her feet by licking and kissing them with love and passion. Then she orders him to lay down under the table so she can use his face as a foot rest. He can be her personal footstool as she harasses his face with her toes whilst reading the newspaper.

But the best is still to come as she really wants to make the best of this unique situation. She leads him to their bedroom where she starts to use his cock as her personal carpet. She starts to walk, march, crush, stomp and jump on it as well as his balls in her flip flops and in barefeet.

She then decides to get changed into an ever sexier outfit as she keeps torturing and treading on his cock and balls under her FULL WEIGHT, still in her flip flops and in barefeet. She does it in so many different ways it is pointless describing the action in detail as the pictures speak for themselves. She ends the torture by masturbating him with her beautiful feet until he cums !

The title says it all ! This is the very first one-to-one cock crush video with the gorgeous Ambre and the result is absolutely incredible in our humble opinion. This girl has shown a genuine sadistic pleasure in crushing Cucciolo's cock and balls with her full weight, not once showing any mercy. This video confirms that Ambre is without any doubt one of our most talented and most promising girls yet.