"Sex Doll"

65 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring : Shona and Cucciolo

Today is Cucciolo's birthday and the postman delivers him a huge box sent by his best friend. Cucciolo rush to open it as he has no idea of what it is and is surprised to discover a beautiful Sex Doll inside. He reads the birthday message which explains how to turn on this Sex Doll and after he puts the battery in he is amazed to see how gorgeous, human and realistic she looks. He's even more amazed to discover that this perfect machine talks, answers his questions and does anything he asks her to do. Of course being a well-known trample enthusiast the first thing that comes to Cucciolo's mind is to ask her to trample him slowly and sweetly on every part of his body (cock included) and incredibly the beauty obeys straight away and starts to trample him under her feet exactly how he wishes! Cucciolo is in heaven and can't believe how great this gift is as she does exactly what he wants and even better does it so well!

The gigantic box contains also many different sexy outfits and beautiful shoes so Cucciolo asks her to get changed and use them all to trample him. She keeps standing and trampling his cock and balls as he asks her to but soon the constant FULL WEIGHT she applies on his private parts hurts him so he orders her to stop and to just trample his chest. But something suddenly goes wrong as the Sex Doll starts to ignore what he asks her to do. She keeps marching and crushing his cock and balls in every possible position and even worse she does it harder and harder inflicting to Cucciolo horrible pain. He tries desperately to stop this devilish machine by turning her off but she doesn't allow it. Without saying a word she takes a different outfit from the box and gets changed again. Cucciolo has definitely lost all control of her!

When she comes back dressed in a sexy outfit and wearing very sharp high heels shoes she starts to trample and to puncture his cock and balls and sitting FULL WEIGHT on his face while harassing his cock. Cucciolo in a desperate attempt to escape her fury, grabs the telephone to ask for help but she rips it from his hands and destroys it under her shoes. At this point she starts to trample and to crush his cock and balls under her heels and soles in the most horrible ways always applying her FULL BODY WEIGHT. Cucciolo's screams have to be heard to be believed as the pain he is subject to is atrocious.

The situation has been completely reversed now as he is in her command and it's he that must obey her. She ties him up to the door handle with a chain to stop him from trying to escape again and forces him to help her put on a sexy pair of black stockings to keep crushing his cock and balls in. She then takes them off and starts to masturbate him with her feet and orders him to cum quickly. When he finally ejaculates she forces her stockings deeper and deeper into his mouth until he finally chokes to death!

This is our very first one-to-one cock and ball crush video featuring the super gorgeous Shona! The action is fantastic and for those of you into constant FULL WEIGHT cock and ball crushing this video is an absolute must!