"Persuasive Alba"

60 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring : Alba and Cucciolo

Alba and Cucciolo are a married couple but are having a crisis in their relationship at the moment. Alba claims he doesn't give her enough care and attention and is very jealous and too non-trusting. Today it is the last straw for Cucciolo when he discovers that Alba has been in a bar getting her feet kissed licked and sucked with passion by his best friend! This drives him crazy, especially with him being a foot fetishist! Alba tries to justify herself saying she needed some love and attention from somewhere as he was not providing her with any. Cucciolo has had enough claiming that she also offers him no loving and breaks off the relationship. Alba sleeps in a separate room that night, crying herself to sleep.

A few hours later while Cucciolo is sleeping, Alba dresses incredibly sexy and walks into his room. She slowly crushes a cigarette under her sexy shoes before waking him by putting her foot delicately inside his mouth and stroking his cock sensually with her stockinged foot. She then orders him to remove her stockings slowly and sweetly and starts to play with him in the most erotic and sensual ways possible. She caresses and strokes his cock in the most alluring ways, puts her feet inside his mouth and gets them worshipped in all positions. She then steps on his cock and balls FULL WEIGHT both in barefeet and sexy pumps.

The morning after the "9 1/2 weeks underfoot" continues as Alba gets changed into an ultra sexy red outfit and decides to have a very special breakfast with him. She first pours orange juice into her shoe and asks him to drink from it. Then she cuts a croissant and puts his cock inside it before crushing it under her feet and feeding it to him with her toes. She then puts some baby oil on his cock and balls and starts to crush them before masturbating him with great care and attention until ....well, you'll never know....we are married, some privacy here please ! :)

Alba must be our most sensual girl and this video is a celebration of all her extraordinary natural charm and sex-appeal which will surely capture and delight you all!