"The Benefactresses"

60 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring : Anne, Soraya and Cucciolo

A depressed anti social guy who never leaves his home gets a visit by 2 attractive welfare workers who are attempting to help him sort himself out. Soon they realize the only thing that stimulates this guy is women's feet and particularly being crushed by them. Since he has never had the chance to live his passion the two women decide they will assist. So they arrive at his home both dressed very sexily and in black stockings one day. They ask him to take off his shirt first and then his trousers and even his underpants a little bit later, asking him to lay down and relax. They take off their shoes and climb on to him, starting to step and walk on his body and crush his cock and balls under their sexy stockings feet. He immediately has a big smile on his face, something that the two welfare workers have never seen before in months and months of visits. This gives them a real lift as they both crush his cock and balls in every possible way and stroke and caress his cock with amazing passion. This mixed feeling of pain and pleasure puts this man in heaven.

They now decide to take off their stockings and trample and play with his cock again and again until...........

........they decide to give him the best moment of his life by both masturbating him at the same time with their feet until he cums and ending his depression forever!

The beautiful newbie Anne joins the super sexy Soraya in our very first stockings feet cock and ball crush video. For all those of you into hot sexy stockings this fantastic video will make your day!