" The Fan and the Star "

60 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring : Karima and Cucciolo

Cucciolo is watching his favorite tv show featuring his idol, the famous Karima without knowing that in a few minutes the presenters will announce the winner of the competition to spend a night with her and it is going to be him! As soon as he hears the announcement he cannot believe his ears and starts screaming, jumping, singing and dancing for joy. Their meeting is planned at the television studio a few days later and Cucciolo is so excited he gets there two hours early. When Karima arrives he gets completely enlightened by her beauty and kisses her hand. She invites him to sit down on the armchair to get to know him better and find out what he has planned for the evening. Cucciolo decides to open his heart to her and starts to explain the incredible passion he has for her beautiful feet. Surprisingly she is not disturbed by it but quite the opposite as she respects his sincerity and asks him if he would like to take care of them. Cucciolo cannot believe what she just said and without waiting a second incase she changes her mind removes her shoes and starts kissing, licking and sucking her feet with incredible passion. Karima minute by minute looks like she is getting more and more sensitive to this kind of attention and gets more and more excited. She can't resist to start stroking his cock with her feet and even takes off his trousers to play with it. She asks him to lay down and starts standing and walking FULL WEIGHT right on his balls and cock when suddenly she gets a bit nervous that someone could surprise them so arranges to meet up again a few days later at his place.

A few days later as promised Karima knocks at his door. After a quick kiss, she asks him straight away to remove his clothes as she is animated by a fervent desire to play with his cock. She first starts to walk and march on it in her open toe sandals in every possible way and then strokes it as well. Cucciolo wants to satisfy his ultimate fantasy so asks her to reproduce her tv show by simulating talking to the audience and looking at the camera whilst standing right on top of his cock. As she does it, Cucciolo is in heaven, finally living out a life long fantasy. Karima enjoys more and more crushing his cock and balls under her shoes and feet and getting her feet licked and pampered in every possible way. But after all these strong emotions and whilst having his face caressed sweetly by her feet Cucciolo falls asleep so Karima decides to leave and let him keep on dreaming.

A very sensual and sexy video with our beautiful newbie, Karima who obviously knows how to move her cute feet on a man's cock and balls and how to crush them under her full body weight!