EXTREME " Quadruple Footjob for a flattened Cock " EXTREME

60 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring : Ambre, Angela, Louiza, Soraya and Cucciolo

A group of lesbians friends are having fun in a gay pub one evening when they meet a man. They start talking and the guy who is obviously not secretive about being gay gets a particular good feeling within his friendly conversation with Angela. She tells him she's still single and that she's searching for the right woman to have a relationship with. He captures her interest by claiming he lives with a beautiful Russian lesbian who is also single and looking to meet someone. Angela is intrigued so decides to accept his invitation back to his home to meet his friend. The two leave the pub but when they arrive the Russian girl is not there. He claims she must have gone out to buy some cigarettes but in the meantime takes off his shirt, and starts touching and caressing Angela's hair and face. At this point Angela understands the trap she is in and using the excuse she needs the toilet calls her lesbian friends to help her get out of this bad situation. Fortunately for her, a few minutes later they arrive surprising him while he is caressing Angela. The girls now have discovered that he's not gay, this is a dirty trick he has played on Angela. They are so angry they order him to take off his pants and one after another and even two at a time, crush his testicles FULL WEIGHT under their shoes. They walk and march on his balls as if they want them to explode as they soon start to bleed under the constant and inhuman abuse. But since he keeps denying he tried to trick Angela, insisting he doesn't like women the 4 lesbians decides to test his claims their own way. They order him to stand up in front of them, they lay down and start touching and caressing his cock all at once. At the beginning it looks like he was right as the 8 feet stroking his cock don't have any effect on him (most probably because he is still in pain from having his balls crushed). But a few instants later his real nature comes out as his dick starts to get bigger and bigger. The girls have finally the proof that this bastard is a cheat and are going to make him regret what he did for the rest of his life. They order him to lay down and all stand on his upper body in a line with one girl after another constantly standing and walking full weight on his cock and balls. They humiliate him in the worst ways by forcing him to sit on all fours like a dog and playing with his balls and using them as their personal punchball behind his arse. Their craziness then becomes even more violent when they decide to all stand FULL WEIGHT on his cock at once. More than 200 kilograms are crushing the most delicate part of a man, absolutely insane! At this point they tie his hands to his cock with a rope, put a black cap on his head and leave!

They return a few minutes later all dressed in very sexy bikinis and wowwww what sex bombs they are !! They sit on the bar and order him to sit right in front of them with a rope attacked to his wrists and start to play with his cock all at once sometimes caressing it and sometimes squeezing it with their 8 feet and scratching it with their 40 toenails. But their main goal and biggest fantasy is to be able to flatten his cock under their combined weight so they sandwich his cock inside a phone book and all stand FULL WEIGHT on it at once on one foot! They keep repeating these crazy antics by then placing a pillow on top of his cock and again all standing on it at once but again his cock amazingly doesn't explode as they wished. This guy's cock is tougher than what they were expecting so since they can't destroy it they decide to play with it instead. They all sit down in front of him and while they put one foot on his face to be licked and sucked, at the same time they stroke his cock with their other foot. The girls are particularly inspired and have many new ideas, games and positions to play with his cock, using and abusing it anyway they so desire. For example they all sit in a line on top of him from his face to his cock, or they sit all at once on his face while stroking, playing with and kicking his cock at the same time with their feet. They also walk, march, dance and trample him and his cock in every possible way. There really is no limit to their fantasies and sadism!

Now they decide to give him the worst humiliation of all by forcing him to lick and eat his own sperm as they first masturbate him all at once ! All at once ????? Yes you have heard it right - 4 girls, 8 feet moving back and forth on his cock for the greatest multi-footjob ever! When he finally cums on their feet they all put them right into his mouth, forcing him to lick and swallow his own sperm!

The Queen of cock crush Angela is joined by the ultra gorgeous Ambre, Soraya and newbie Louiza making a real bevy of beauties! This film is surely going to be a cult classic as nowhere else on the planet will you find another full weight, multi cock and balls crush video with an incredible and unique quadruple footjob finale! Once again CuccioloPage has made a video, the very first of it's kind that has booked a place in the history of our beloved art!