EXTREME " My Ex-Girlfriend, My Ex-Cock !! " EXTREME

75 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring : Angela, Shona and Cucciolo

Shona has just broke off the relationship with her boyfriend. Today she gets a visit from her close friend Angela who wants to lift her up in this difficult time. While the two are chatting together suddenly Shona's ex-boy friend arrives to get his clothes and the atmosphere between the two ex-lovers becomes tense. Cucciolo complains that he can't find all his clothes and when Shona throws them in the bin he starts to insult her, "you're dressed like a whore you fucking bitch, you are just a cock-sucker". After listening to these vile insults Shona and her friend Angela lose control and after pushing him down climb on him and start crushing his body, face and cock under their feet. They take off his clothes and start to attack his cock and balls with rare cruelty to make him regret calling Shona a cock-sucker, trampling marching and stomping on his cock with no mercy. They both stand several times on it at the same time completely squashing it under their combined weight. They deform his balls by pulling them in every possible way with their toes and both sit on his face at once while torturing his cock with their feet, using it as a sort of punchball.

Cucciolo's cock has already endured horrible pain but his agony is far from ending as the two girls decided to get changed and wowww how gorgeous they look! They return dressed in sexy bikini's with equally sexy high heels. "You called us bitches? Now these two bitches are going to show you what they are capable of!" Angela & Shona start firstly to trample his body and then to puncture his cock and balls with their extremely sharp heels. The two even stand and walk with THEIR FULL WEIGHT on his cock and balls with their shoes one a time and both AT ONCE and Cucciolo's screams of pain have to be heard to be believed! They order him to take off their shoes with his teeth and then start to trample, stomp and even jump on his cock and balls in barefeet, standing on it several times BOTH AT ONCE in every possible position. How Cucciolo's cock has not exploded yet is a mystery of the human anatomy!

Angela and Shona are far from being satisfied yet, quite the opposite as their thirst for revenge and the desire to use and abuse his cock is bigger than ever. They now get a little table and order him to put his cock on it so they can both stand full weight on it in different positions. They like to hear his screams of pain so much that they repeat the action on a bar stool. They even get the crazy idea to put a cord around his neck and strangle him while crushing his cock. They keep crushing it over and over again on his bed until they get an unbelievably cruel idea. They order him to stand up, then lay down on the mattress and with all their strength push their feet against his genitals so hard that they actually lift him in the air! We let you imagine what kind of pressure and pain those testicles are subject to, this is crazy guys! The torture is not over yet though as they decided to take a shower and guess who they decide to use as their floor? You guessed it. They take their shower while both standing at the same time on his body, especially his cock and balls. Their sadistic attitude is without limits as they change the water temperature from frozen to boiling several times and throw water and shampoo into his eyes whilst still crushing his cock and balls.

After the shower they get changed into their sexy outfits while Cucciolo has been left with only a bath towel to cover his private parts. He prays for them to stop torturing him and they accept under one condition. He must cum when they want him to cum. So they start to masturbate him with their feet and keep asking him to cum over and over again putting incredible pressure on him. Finally he's able to handle the psychological pressure and arrives on time!!!!!!! But suddenly Shona his ex girlfriend, grabs a pair of scissors and............ !!!!!

Without any shadow of doubt this is the hardest, cruelest, craziest, most brutal and ridiculous cock and ball crush video we have made so far! Angela and Shona, the undisputed Queens of cock trample are finally together for the first time and make a real masterpiece !