" The Nympho "

60 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring : Tarasha and Cucciolo

Cucciolo receives a visit from a door-to-door salesman who wants to sell him some products. He lets her enter but lets her know straight away he's not interested in buying her bottles of champagne as he doesn't drink. But she doesn't give up and even starts to seduce him sexually by stroking his crotch with her foot. Cucciolo is very surprised and embarrassed and tells her that his wife is right in the next room and asks her to leave immediately. So the woman gives him her business card and leaves. This whole episode has intrigued Cucciolo though, so much infact that a few hours later, taking advantage of his wife going out, he decides to call her and asks her to come back as he's interested to know more about "her products". When she arrives Cucciolo is surprised to see her dressed so sexily and even more surprised when she confesses to him that from when she first met him she has been overcome by an irresistible desire to dominate him! Cucciolo is intrigued by her words and want to satisfy her desire as he thinks it must just be a funny game but little does he know what it is going to happen later on! Very happy to hear he accepts her offer Tarasha orders him to lick the soles of her shoes and to smell and suck her feet. Then she tells him to lay down as she stands on his face before playing with his cock and ordering him to take off his clothes. She then begins to stroke and caress his cock but once she has taken off his underpants she starts getting harder and harder with it, crushing it under her feet as well as crushing some food on it and giving little screams of pleasure as she gets more and more excited. Cucciolo remembers that his wife is going to come back soon so once again asks her to leave immediately. She feels like she is being treated just like a whore so before going she lets him know how he has disappointed her deeply and she won't be coming back! A few days later Cucciolo rings her to apologize and asks to see her again in the evening but she refuses and puts the phone down on him...........

But surprisingly that same evening while Cucciolo is sleeping she returns to give him the greatest pain/pleasure cocktail he has ever experienced. She starts stroking his cock with her high heeled shoes and crushing it under her sharp heels. Cucciolo screams in pain and complains causing Tarasha to get angry so she decides to leave as she WANTS him completely submissive without limits. Cucciolo prays for her to stay and begs for her forgiveness. Tarasha accepts but from now on she starts to treat him as her own slave, using and abusing his cock with a frightening obsession as if she is completely obsessed. She stands, marches and tramples on it as well as his balls under her full weight in every possible possible way. She even masturbates him several times ordering him to cum when she wants him to thus showing her how much he likes her. But as he isn't able to cum the exact second she asks him to she again decides to leave him but this time it will be forever, leaving Cucciolo's pride and pleasure frustrated and humiliated!

In this CBT trampling video you'll discover our great newbie Tarasha, a girl who seriously enjoys abusing men's cocks. The title of this video says it all, summing up her attitude and personality when it comes to dominating a man's private parts !