EXTREME " Sonia's return to his Pecker " EXTREME

60 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring : Angela, Sonia and Cucciolo

After more than 3 years since her last video appearance Sonia decides to surprise Cucciolo and drops by the studio with her best friend, Angela. After some friendly chat Angela asks Sonia if she still remembers how to trample after all this time and maybe she should try it again to refresh her memory. Cucciolo isn't in the mood though as he is still recovering from his last brutal video but feels he cannot refuse. Angela explains that the action in the videos is now MUCH harder and demonstrates by taking off Cucciolo's trousers and stomping all over his cock and balls in her bare feet! Sonia is amazed and is also concerned with seeing the most delicate part of a man being crushed like that and asks how he is able to take it. Angela explains it is okay and invites her to try it herself, telling her it's a lot of fun and really funny! Sonia gives it a go and surprisingly really enjoys the sensation of power having a man's cock and balls under her feet. Infact she enjoys it so much that the two decide to spend the whole day abusing his cock in every possible brutal way and all against his will! His cock and balls will be stood on, trampled, stomped, squeezed, kicked, stretched, pulled, deformed, crushed under a bar stool, spat on and jerked off by the two of them at the same time and all in the most ridiculous ways!

After more than 3 years since her last appearance (video 149 "When car thieves grind you down") Sonia is back and back in real style! In this video she crushes a man's cock and balls under her feet for the very first time and surprises us all with her wickedness and cruelty. Sonia is already at the same level (if not worse) to her friend Angela who has already established herself as a notorious and very evil cock mangler! This has to be by far our most extreme CBT video to date!