60 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring : Lydia, Shona and Cucciolo

The young and inexperienced Shona is having problems in her relationship with her foot fetish boyfriend so has taken the decision to attend a special course to learn the best way to use her body, feet and sex-appeal to enchant and seduce her man! When she arrives for her first lesson the teacher Lydia explains that to get more self confidence and power of seduction she has to change her look and tells Shona to take off her glasses and gives her a new outfit and pair of shoes. After she gets changed Lydia shows her the object of their lesson, an unknown guy who will represent her boyfriend. She invites her to stroke and caress his chest with her feet slowly and sensually and to let him worship her toes by sucking them one by one. Then the main part of this course starts as Lydia shows her how to excite a man with her feet and climbs onto his body and starts to caress and march on his cock in underwear. Shona is then invited to join her and the two stand and crush his cock at the same time. Lydia also shows her how to get her feet licked and sucked and the best way to sit down comfortably on a man's face making his desire increase.

They take off his underwear and start playing with his cock. Lydia explains that the fine balance of pain and pleasure is the key to getting a foot fetishist really excited. So she shows her many different positions and situations in which to gently stroke his cock with sweetness as well as treating it badly by crushing and squeezing it by stepping on it and pulling it. Being nice then bad, kind then hard repeatedly will put him in ecstasy.

Now it's time for Lydia to show her young apprentice the art of the foot job, the final step in giving your man the maximum pleasure. The two both start to masturbate him with their feet at the same time with real passion and energy until he finally cums!

The beautiful Lydia and Shona are together the very first time in our 9th great cock crush and foot job video. The class and sex appeal of Lydia combined with the youth and freshness of Shona make the perfect cocktail for a fantastic video !