EXTREME " Sexual Harassment 2 " EXTREME

60 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring : Angela and Cucciolo

(sequel of Sexual Harassment 1)

.......a few weeks later Angela fixes a meeting with Cucciolo to continue his personal dressage. Things start very badly as he arrives late which pisses her off and results in her retaliating by ordering him to strip off straight away and lay down. After a few kicks, stomps and crushes of his cock and balls under her whole bodyweight she sits on a chair in front of him. At this point she spits the baby oil on to his crotch and starts to masturbates him with her feet demanding he cums! Cucciolo is stressed out though still remembering how she suddenly put a stop to his orgasm by tieing up his cock and balls last time. She now adds extra psychological pressure by insulting him and forcing him to cum very quickly whilst giving him a footjob! Fortunately for him he is able to cum pretty soon and able to satisfy her demands!

She now orders him to get changed and even though he feels tired and 'empty' she begins to tortures him under her feet once again! She crushes his cock and balls under her feet in every possible way. She stretches and overstretches them as if she wants to rip them off his body. She stomps and she even jumps on them heavily. She forces him to get down like a dog and kicks his balls as well as stretching them with her toes harder and harder from behind. She also rides him as she squeezes his cock and balls between her feet, pressing her toes as deep as possible inside his vulnerable balls ! She then puts his cock underneath a wooden box and presses down really hard with her foot almost cutting his cock in two as well as using it to crush his cock flat under her feet.

Cucciolo is half dead by now but the carnage goes on and on until after giving him a couple of kicks to the face with her shoes on she throws him out of his office like common trash!

This is the sequel of our first "Sexual Harassment" movie! The gorgeous Angela turns it into a real spectacle as she is beyond any control or limits. Once again she shows us she is still the undisputed Queen of cruelty and brutality when it comes to crush, torture and cock destruction!