" Call Girls "

75 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring : Bella, Shona and Cucciolo

Cucciolo arranges a meeting at his house with two call girls for some sexy fun. When they arrive he is so excited he didn't even give them time to introduce themselves but hugs them straightaway and turns up the music for them to dance. The two girls start dancing around him to turn him on. He immediately loses any inhibitions and self control and starts dancing with them, touching their legs and even doing a striptease as if he was the call girl! The music ends so he offers them a drink and takes off Shona's shoe, puts some wine inside it and drinks directly from it! The girls start getting excited too and put their four feet right on his face caressing it gently while he licks and sucks them. At this point the two call girls are hot and ask him to lay down so they can give him the time of his life.........

The girls get changed into an even sexier outfit now and carry on to use their feet to play with his cock and balls !

They get changed back into their original outfits and shoes as these had turned him on so much. They now start to masturbate him at the same time until he reaches a climax!

Another superb video full of sensuality in which the beautiful Shona and the newbie, Bella massage, caress, trample and crush Cucciolo's cock and balls under their feet ! This is another ground breaking video for us as it features double footjob (to climax) action for the very first time!