" The Sexologist "

90 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring : Alba, Shona and Cucciolo

Shona and Cucciolo, a married couple, are having some serious problems in their relationship and the main reason is of a sexual nature. Shona in particular doesn't feel any stimulation, enthusiasm, emotion, or pleasure anymore when being approached or touched by her husband and is avoiding any physical contact with him. Cucciolo is frustrated in not being able to satisfy his wife as before. So the two face a quite inevitable separation and decide to ask for some help by contacting a famous sexologist Dr Alba and organise a meeting at their home. When she arrives they start to explain in detail their problems and Alba understands quite soon that it is quite serious. There is a total absence of cuddles and the simple things that couples do to give each other pleasure. Alba, in this first session explains that one of the most sensitive parts of a woman, that most men tend to ignore are feet so she invites him to take off her shoes and massage and caress them and even to suck them with real passion. The very big smile pictured on her face shows how much she enjoy this new sensation.

Now Dr Alba asks her to go to get changed for the second step of the session. In this part she'll explains to Shona how to give pleasure to him through her feet. The sexologist makes a quick demonstration by stepping and trampling him under her high heels and invites Shona to do the same thing. Shona is very concerned about hurting him but after a little hesitation she tramples him as Alba explains. The cocktail of pain-pleasure is the secret in getting real authentic pleasure. Now the sexologist asks her to removes her shoes and to walk all over his body and to caress it gently, concentrating on his cock. Shona is getting real pleasure feeling his cock under her barefeet especially as it gets harder and harder.

Now the sexologist asks him to remove his trousers and with an outstanding sensuality shows how she can even step on his face and a few different ways to step on his cock to give him real pleasure through her feet. She invites Shona to join her and both do it at the same time. Shona is amazed to see how much pleasure she is getting and is giving to her husband by playing with his cock with her feet. At one point the two girls lay down on the mattress and Dr Alba ask him to stand up in front of them while the two start to stroke, and caress his cock at the same time whilst squeezing their feet inside his pants. The couple is re-discovering a real reciprocal pleasure time by time so Dr Alba decides it is enough for today and feels this first session was a big success. She insists the second session should be the same.

One week later the sexologist returns for her second session and is amazed and very happy to see they are playing with each other and following her suggestions. Shona is very impatient to show her how many new positions she has discovered and to tell her how much pleasure they have had in experimenting with them. Dr Alba at this point asks him to remove his pants and invites Shona to join her in playing with his cock and balls to show her new techniques. Sometimes being gentle by using their feet to caress and to stroke his balls and cock, sometimes being hard by using their feet to step on and crush them under their combined FULL WEIGHT. The married couple are getting closer and closer now so Dr Alba feels the sessions can finish and time has come for her to leave them alone to live their passion. Shona and Cucciolo can't find the words to thank her and ask her to come to see them again in the future and to play again. Dr Alba can't hide the fact that she really enjoyed the experience and accepts the invitation before leaving and wishing them good luck.......

Once the sexologist had left the two can't resist to carry on with their games. Shona takes the lube oil, she pours it on his cock and starts to masturbate it with her barefeet until he cums! The two take each other's hands and looking into each other's eyes promise to love each other for the rest of their lives as now they have rediscovered the real pleasures of being together!

This is a historic video for CuccioloPage as it's the first time ever that we shot cock and balls action with two girls at the same time. Alba in the skin of the sexologist is absolutely out of this world as this role fits perfectly her personality with the immense sensuality this girl has. This is the very first video for Shona, and on this evidence it looks like a new star is born. WITHOUT ANY DOUBT THIS A FANTASTIC VIDEO FROM EVERY POINT OF VIEW, SURELY ONE OF THE BEST WE HAVE EVER SHOT!