EXTREME" Sexual Harassment "EXTREME

70 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring : Angela and Cucciolo

Angela is a company boss and is working hard on a project with the help of one of her employees, Cucciolo. While talking on the phone suddenly she drops some papers on the floor so Cucciolo gets on his knees to pick them up for her. While he is on the floor he notices her very sexy high heeled shoes and since she is very busy concentrating on her conversation on the phone while walking back and forth, he can't resist the temptation to put his hands right under those beautiful shoes to get them crushed by his gorgeous boss. Without even noticing him she steps directly on his hands a few times but Cucciolo likes it so much he stays on the floor too long and she notices what he's up to! With a firm voice she asks him for a full explanation. Cucciolo cracks up and confesses he has always dreamed of being submissive to her. Angela is pissed off but surprisingly not for what he did but because he has hidden his submissive side from her! At this point she gives him one chance to avoid getting fired and her telling everybody his secret. He must accept his most precious of things being dominated, degraded and tortured by her: his cock! Cucciolo could never have expected such a crazy and inhuman request but to save his job and reputation he doesn't have any other choice. Angela closes the office and changes into a very domineering and sexy outfit with intimidating thigh length boots. She walks in circle around him then suddenly launches a barrage of brutal kicks right on his cock. Cucciolo is hurt badly and is in a real panic but the nightmare has just started. She starts to stomp and trample him very hard including his nipples which she tries to perforate with her sharp heels.

Than she removes his trousers and literally attacks his cock and balls stomping them with extreme energy and violence. She orders him to remove her boots and now starts the biggest and most ferocious massacre and carnage we have ever seen. His cock and balls will be abused by her feet in the worst possible ways. Useless to explain it in detail with words alone when the pictures speak for themselves!

Angela changes into another sexy outfit and re-enters with a cock in her hand..... ???!!!! Well fortunately it's just a plasticine cock. She poses it on the floor, and starts to crush it under her shoes once it is flattened she punctures it with her sharp heels. She then orders Cucciolo to lay down and to kiss her shoes and while looking at him right in the eyes she tells him to watch that crushed thing on the floor as that's exactly what is going to happen to his cock.......

Cucciolo is half dead now as his cock and balls have been raped, beaten and tortured under her feet in the most brutal and crazy ways. Angela decides to reward him now for his immense suffering by masturbating him with her sexy barefeet. But just a few instants before he cums she suddenly and roughly halts his orgasm by tieing up his cock and balls brutally with a rope. She pulls him by his cock into the office and leaves him there claiming, "you can only cum when I tell you to cum!"

This is plainly and simply the most brutal, violent and extreme cock and ball trample video we have ever produced ! Angela is completely out of her head with absolutely no concern with the damage she might cause and Cucciolo has to be totally mad to take this kind of abuse! The two fit together perfectly in this F-A-N-T-A-S-T-IC and outrageous video!