" Cock Love Affairs " 

50 mins - 0.00 EUR

Starring : Lydia and Cucciolo

Cucciolo's adventures hunting down beautiful girls in his favorite disco continue tonight when he meets and seduces a sexy blonde dancer. He invites her back to his flat and the two immediately start flirting with each other before Cucciolo's attention is drawn to her sexy shoes. He removes them and starts licking and sucking her stocking feet with real passion. At this point he confesses he would love to get trampled by her. She is a bit surprised by this but cannot help being curious. So with a little hesitation she stands on him and starts walking on his body slowly but gradually gets more and more confident as she even starts walking on his cock full weight. She obviously is enjoying this and crushes it in every possible way and position. She enjoys the immense power of having his cock and balls under her feet and slowly becomes even more sadistic, crushing, kicking, stomping, squeezing, wringing, and scratching it................

She now gets changed into a white sexy outfit and starts to caress and stroke his cock with her feet. She gets more and more excited and starts to masturbate him with both feet in every possible way as his cock gets harder and harder until his pleasure hits the zenith !

This video has all the components to please those who like genuine and constant full weight cock and ball crush under the feet of a beautiful, sexy girl. Our newbie, Lydia makes an explosive first video appearance and adds her personal icing to the cake with an epic final footjob! A fantastic video, no question!