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Below you can read a little extract from the thousands of messages posted on different forums and message boards. That's what most of people and customers think about us.... We really want to thanks them all for their great feedback and appreciation of our work!!!!!!!!


Cucciolo's Team

Carlo, thanx!!
Your pics are great and the girls are very beautiful.
You are a very lucky guy.You live what most of us dream.
I wonder:Is your passion as strong as it was before all these sessions with your models? Adondouss

Hi Carlo -
Your comment about "bringing back to the site someday" was really gratifying because it gave me the impression you'll be doing this for a long time (yea!). AJ

This video's gonna make the history of trampling...Cucciolo (italian boy  ) is the best!!!

In genere mi iscrivo a un paio la volta poi mollo per un po' e magari mi riscrivo piu' avanti,l'unico che non ho mai mollato è quello di cucciolo...
saluti antilop

Questo è veramente uno dei miei sogni,50 ragazze in una volta che ti fanno di tutto con i loro bellisimi piedini calzati e scalzi...
vista la particolarita' della cosa mi permetto di postare un po' di foto e anche un piccolo video,perche' ancora mi chiedo oggi come diavolo hai fatto a realizzare una cosa del genere,complimenti Carlo,complimenti davvero...

Questa ragazza mi fa impazzire si chiama Margo e secondo me' ha dei piedini stupendi .Antilop

Vestita e pettinata cosi',mi fa' davvero impazzire,Fanny sei la migliore... antilop

Hey Carlo thanks for these magnificant pics.Girls are hot .You're
number1  araya71

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Happy Birtday Carlo.You 're the KING  araya71

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
vota antonio vota antonio..... tanto per citare il mitico Decurtis
Young Goddess.....direi il sito dell'anno
Cucciolo sito di tutti i tempi
Woman Worship... il primo a cui mi sono abbonato...valore affettivo

I too have been a member of both sites and never had any complaints as to the quality of the work that they produce. Cucciolo has been a round a long time, once you join up you will understand why!  …

I currently have mmberships at, - alot of multi girl trample action, covers high heel trample and footworship, barefoot trample and foot worship, television scenes (trample and footworship), object crush and television crush scenes (barefoot and highheel). No victory poses. Offers a members request section where members can request a clip from an older favorite movie. Also offers a section called "Their First Time" where he basically video tapes the models first screening so we get to see the model trampling for her very first time. Models always start off in shoes and end up barefoot or in stocking feet. Also very regular updates atyourfeet1

I got that video, it is very good.
There is a girl on "Thigh Boots Threesome" (Marion) with long very dark hair and very nice legs (she has got the best shaped legs I have ever seen, if you like girls who are shaped like women and not waifs)............. And classic dark French looks.
F-ing gorgeous. She is on "Dig Your Own Grave". Goes for the stomach every time, and although gorgeous, has more that enough natural weight to sink in to Daves tummy.  Oh if ever she wants to come to Australia, would teach her a thing or two about international communication. She just does it for me completely. Ah, Marion, where are you?  Problem with the video is that it was shot on a very windy day, and this fecks around with the audio. And the girls had goose-bumps.
No one has mentioned that Dave got his tummy run over by a mini-minor -- 3 times, with all the girls inside the car!.
Buy it! Ausandy

Carlo, I really enjoy your works.
Thankyou for all these very wonderful pics !!!

EN: Carlo is the gratest scene i even saw !!!!! BadCloster

WHOA, , who is that redhead from CUCCIOLO, she is a DOLL   !!!! Bbq

agree Carlo does have some amazing looking young ladies working on him (pun). My favorites are Aurelie and seldom seen Marika who is one of the larger more shapely Goddesses that he features. As soon as Carlo makes a vid with those two Trampling him in heels and hot dresses I will lose my mind! (hint,hint,nudge nudge) BCARPIT

..Also recently we tried something I saw on cucciolo's site where we placed one end of a board on the side of my head and the other end on a block. She then stood on it while applying her make up. I had placed a mirror so that I colud see her and it was absolutely breathtaking……BCARPIT

Vogliamo dimenticare gli stivalazzi che si vedono sul sito del mitico cucciolo?
[url] beatlebugit

Just wanted to let you know that I am a huge fan of your website. Multi-Trampling in heels has always been my favorite/most challenging love, and you always supply in Spades!
Thanks for these recent posts. I can't wait to see the video of muddy heels in the outdoors. Thanks for the creativity! …
Keep up the great work. BellyButtonFun

Cucciolo's Site - not sure, think it's $15 a month. Only site I've found worth the money…

Hi Carlo,
Thanks for the pics - excellent as usual. Yvi is a true treasure ! (please say hi from me)
Any more of Yvi will be much appreciated.
take care & enjoy life

As for the most girls I've seen. I've heard of the infamous. does it exist...does it not..... '18 girl trample vid' but the best one I've actually seen is at Cucciolo's page where 15 girls trample these guys. It's not particulary bad in the way of injury but that many girls make for AWESOME pictures. Bigchief.
I also must agree that Cucciolo is the man. He is envied by many…. Billman5

Carlo, grazie 1000 per i complimenti; a dire il vero è una delle molte emulazioni della vecchia cucciolopage... e chi se la scorda???  Mi sa che sono passati un bel po' di anni da quando la trovai per caso gironzolando per la rete, fu una giornata fortunata! Bluebow
grazie Carlo!!
ps:certto che sotto 50... sei un titano!!!!!!!!!che roccia!!
pensa se tutte e 50 eran con su stivali con tacco sulla tua faccia    boh

DVD from Cucciolo's team Hi All
I recently bought some DVDs from Cucciolo in France but clicked on the VIDEO site instead of the DVD (silly bugger).
when the videos arrived I was upset but it was my fault.
After 2-3 pleasent emails Cucciolo's team sent me the dvds and I returned the videos.
It was all conducted in a trouble free mannar and quite quickly too
So I would like to a big thank you to Carlo for excellent customer service and great DVDs. Boomtownrat

dude, i agree with you that the cucciolo page is one of the best to join, but if i could change anything, i wish they spoke english, what i would give to understand what these beautiful ladies are saying. or better yet, maybe i should just go out and learn french. breeze625

WOW Carlo these pics are awesome …

Wow Carlo those pics are so great; those models are superb and the shoes are always very cool!
Thank you man

this was a great flick!!!- I agree that more could have been done, but he looked beaten!!- I would have picked about 5 or 6 of them as favorites. I enjoy more than one, but it's hard to find them- since I'm a bit older, it's even more difficult to find willing ladies!!
Thanks to Cucciolo.,

Cucciolo does it again! Facesitting Material
Cucciolo's new video Triple facesitting mania looks absolutely amazing! Stop by and take a look. Cucciolo i really like the direction your going with some of your newer video's it's amazing material. Keep up the great work...your one of the best! btlimited

Just read your last post Carlo and I think your philosophy is spot on. As you say it is no doubt the reason your work is popular and (I hope) successful, because you stay true to your own vision rather than try to please everyone and no-one.
One of my favourite videos of yours was Rookie Spikes Hurt More, with the wonderful Adrianna who I thought was gorgeous and fantastic. This video seemed like a perfect example of what you described in your post - you could see the girls genuinely discovering and delighting in this new kind of play. Watching the 'wise expert' Feriel guiding and introducing the new girls to the art of trampling, and watching their confidence grow as they explore further was amazing!
Keep up the great work!  bustedballboy

Aw heck,
Usually I do reviews. Still, I was happy to see Kenrug's review posted. I have to agree with him on the video. I'm amazed Cucciolo isn't still in the hospital!
Where to begin: I liked the different types of shoes, from shiny black pumps to basic sandals. There's enough to impress any type of shoe fetish you might have. Also, the diversity and ethnicity impressed me. I saw quite a few black faces, as well as a couple of Asians. I like diversity, particularly when it's stepping on my face!  Not being a shoe fan (sorry Kenrug), I was thrilled when the shoes came off. The sheer number of girls willing and able to crush a guy under their bare feet was a massive thrill for me.
I've noticed the more girls in a video, the more willing they, as a group, are willing to grind a person down. Examine a 4-5 girl trample video, and you'll notice there's usually one real dom, one or two who are a bit nervous, but who "jump right in", and a couple just there for the paycheck. This was minimized in the video, as it looked like everyone was egged on by their fellow tramplers. I found myself wanting to be under that massive group of shoes, and I'm not even a shoe fan!
Well, Kenrug did a better review than I would have done. Suffice to say, I am another satisfied customer. (More satisfied if it had been "Enter the 50 Trample Dragons"! I make the small joke here!)
Bye for now, and I'll post some more massage pics soon!

Brilliant as always, my man,
Always good stuff coming from you.
By the way, when is that 10-girl video gonna come out? You know how I like my multi-trampling!
Regards from Germany,
BW Backwalk

Has this become one of the GREAT threads of all time?
Let's see:
High-heeled throat and face standing? CHECK!
Girl on girl trample (the charming and delightful Christel and Angelique on Elodie)? CHECK!
Mega-girl (17) trample action? CHECK!
Yup, it all fits. This IS one of the great threads!!

Great pics Carlo!!!
Thank you very much!!! Cachamba

I have received the video today, probably the reason for the delay was the christmas period. Thank you for all your replys and thank you to the cucciolo page support for the assistance. caid

Sorry John for the delay in answering your question, you ask me what video i have bought, well, the name of the video is "car crushed demolition" and i recommend it for all lovers of trampling and crushing. caid

Carlo31 your video`s are great!!! WOW 50 girls!!! you have lived my dream. Thank You so much for the great pics on your Website  caljag
cucciolo - can you tell me, or is it a big secret, how it is possiable that a man can survive being driven by a car full of girls ? ceek
thx photos are great, site is great  you're a lucky man cucciolo... ceek

i second the notion of you producing more facesitting vids carlo
can't wait to see the next releases....!
p.s make sure they are full weight! chairboy

Hey Carlo,
It's almost time for another Athletic gym girl trampling with tons of girls in their sporty work out clothes and tons of sneakers! I love that last one you did about a year ago. Champion

That's it. Someone finally made it.
The perfect film ...
And I'm buying it! Chicagofeet

I want to see a crush platform scene recreated. Expecting it from Cucciolo, as he's the only producer successful enough to have the budget to produce it.
credit: chicagofeet

Thank you Carpet for the pics, especially the cucciolopage pics. They are definitely the best. Do you have more?

Thanks a million for all the pictures. They are absoulutely the best and special thanks to your generosity in sharing all these pictures, especially the ones others requested. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Hello Carlo,
This thread was undoubtly the best there ever was in this form but unfortunately the activity seem to have died out. Thank you for all your generous contrbutions. You have contributed probably more than anyone else and we all are so grateful for that. Hope to see your work again soon

Hey Carlo,
Thank you once again for the awesome pictures and your generosity of sharing them with us. You are simlply wonderful.

Yes yes.. I very much appreciate your generosity and a special thanks for the picture of lola on your face with rebecca on her shoulders. That is an awesome picture and I am sure everyone in this thread greatly appreciate it
Another big thank you for all the other pictures.. the Feriel heel face stand, Camille heel face stand etc.
Thanks for explaining the process of making the videos. Just 6 hours for a movie... Thats very fast. I had my chest trampled but I cannot hold it for more than a minute or two. Your talent is definitely worth admiring. Also your models are undoubtly the best anywhere and they concentrate on trampling.. not getting naked and stuff.  Thank you once again for all your generosity. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.


I remember seeing your page for the first time a few years ago, before it became a pay site, or was even very organised.
There wasn't an awful lot on it at the time, in fact just a few pics from around the net, but it had a comment on it like "The greatest trample page on the net". I couldn't see how you could make such a claim at the time. But maybe you had in mind what you would one day produce.
A few years on, with this video I have to say you have definitely achieved that claim ... amazing. Bravo, my friend! This is a fetish-defining video. Good luck for producing more in the future.

Mi unisco agli auguri di Buon Natale anche se sono un pò in sbattimento per via dell'influenza e febbre.
Come se non bastasse sono andato a fare un giro su e mi è venuto un infarto: avete visto l'ultimo aggiornamento dei video?!?
Fateci un salto, non ve ne pentirete

carlone sei troppo il migliore!!!!!  cooper

sei sempre il numero uno carlone!!!! Cooper

You are definitely the best. You have the bst women and I dont think anyone does facestanding like you do. You are sooo lucky to have been facestood by Margo, fanny, edwidge, zined. just to name a few. Would love to see some of those clips if possible. Thank you so very much for everything and once again, you are the best.

Carlos,happy happy my friend,and MANY more.Here`s a little present from me

I just wanted to know if you were the owner of the site : ?
If you are, i just wanted to congratule you : it's the best trampling site I ever saw.
"BRAVO" d_david

Just imagine 15 hot girls doing some amazing fullweight action, and we all know that would be a breeze for cucciolo!  derek_700

danny, i'm with you! i love that lady-- she's gorgeous. hell, she's almost TOO pretty.
and carlo,  wowww!! i think if a woman that sexy and mean-looking got anywhere near my big jim with heels that sharp and e-vile, he'd immediately shrivel and tuck himself back into my body. damn! looks like a great video. incredible model! (you lucky, lucky man!)

Thanks, amazing pics once again. Your site is one of the best! Djwolf

Essendo un fanatico del facetrample non posso non dire che cucciolotrample . distratto

che dire....sei sempre il numero1. distratto

Thank you so much .. the pictures are stunning. Dmd

Carlo Merci pour ces somptueuses images et j'espere que vous nous émerveillerez de vos videos pour encore de nombreuses années domi

I recently ordered 50 Girls Disco Stampede
Took two weeks, but certainly worthwile waiting

Well I received my copy of the 50 girl trample tape in this morning's mail and after watching it a good number of times can only say it is well worth the money. I think I'll have to burn it to DVD to save from wearing the tape out !
The still pictures on Carlo's site do not do it justice - the action is far more awesome than can be shown in stills. In some parts the anticipated trampling is "frightening" - not sure if that's the best way to describe it but if I'd have been in Carlo's position I would have needed brown underwear!!!
After reviewing the video I can only say that anything less will no doubt be considered boring and uninteresting. I don't know if he can but I just hope Carlo (and any other video company) can follow that !!!
Ciao, Carlo Downbeat_UK

With so many enthusiasts worldwide claiming that they're going to buy this video it's gonna take Carlo an age to generate the copies and despatch them.
Hopefully as my order went in yesterday I'll get it pretty soon - can't wait!
It's also amazing that taking into consideration all the duplicating, editing, scripting etc of the videos plus the photo shoots, by the way these are all seperate sessions I believe and not simply "screen dumps" of the video, and the regular updates to his web-site, coupled with the behind the scenes work such as auditioning, obtaining the specialiality clothing and props and the accounting side of things I don't know how he finds time to star in any of his movies! He must be finding it hard to cope! LOL
Keep up the great work Carlo and as someone else mentioned other sites take note of how to do things properly and keep everyone interested. Downbeat_UK

I've seen the pics on his site
Oh Boy
What a hell of a trample
It must have nearly killed him
Lucky Sod JOHN

Never had any problem
with Carlo & his team
they a very reliable
You will get you video
By the way which videoe did you buy? JOHN

no problem at all
i have purchased 3 videos
& the dvd 50 girls trample (awsome)
all the purchases arrived within 1 week
If you a have any problems the backup you get from carlo's staff is fantasic (even to offer a replacement if the dvd wo'nt work
on your system)
Go ahead & buy on your credit card with confidence
By the way carlo has not offered me any freebies
for posting this replie
I am just really impressed by the way they do business JOHN

You just ca'nt go wrong with Carlo
One of the best sites going if you love trample.
His team do their upmost to make sure that the members
are well looked after & respond very quickly
A couple of weeks ago I had my password mixed up'
I had a reply within the hour,
& this was very late at night as well,
All the best Carlo
& my best wishes to you & your team
They do a great job.

A Different Style Of Multiple High Heel Head Trample
Great Guy,
Great Team,
Great Trample,
I found these piics quite amusing,
Not for Carlo though,
Although I bet he enjoyed it JOHN

I've allways regarded this guy as one of the best,
No disrigard to the others,
But that video takes some beating.
Depending on the the type of trample you like to see, JOHN

perhaps King Cucciolo could attempt a video with a metal high-heel gang mistressess    emilianus

Mizzica, Carlo! Quando decidi di tornare lo fai alla grande!
Sei il CarloMagno degli zerbini, altro che. Escargot211

A proposito di Cucciolo...
Avete visto la pagina di mistress fury 6? C'è la nuova modella, Fanny, che ha un'aria da bad girl come nessuna prima.
Complimenti per la scelta, Carlo. Escargot211

Great images !
Thanks -)
Regards, Evgeny

You're welcome BBQ. HELD, I know Carlo started producing face sitting movies about 2 months ago. He produced some awesome films already. Thats why I posted this post. I wanted to let everyone know on here how good his movies are. I have seen 2 of them and they both were AWESOME. He puts the same MAXIMUM effort into his face sitting scenes as he did with his trampling. I just wanted to compare notes if anyone else on here has seen them too. Thank you. Faceseat

the guy takes more punishment than most can imagine
he takes multitudes of women at a time on his body and face with the fullest weight possible. he is my hero. Faceseat

Cheers Carlo...
Thanks for the response. You are, like said already, the best.
I cant wait for more face sitting to come from your site. I have many ideas that I KNOW will attract many fans. If you would like to hear some of my ideas, just say the word. The first idea I would love to see is 4 or more women sitting on top of eachothers laps while they sit on top of your face. I hope your face can withstand the weight as they compress your face into a pancake. Thanks again for the response.
It is greatly appreciated. Faceseat

For CARLO, for CUCCIOLOPAGE.COM I want to start off by saying that Carlo is one of my favorites when it comes to taking abuse by beautifull women. He started making excellent video on full weight trampling and now has FINALLY gotten into FULL WEIGHT face sitting. He has made a few videos and I have seen one of them so far. It was AWESOME. The man takes combined weight on his head and face like no other.
I REALLY hope he makes a video with a world record of women sitting on his face at once...I figure he can fit 4 women on top of eachothers laps while 2 sit on top of thier shoulders at once while one final woman is standing on top of the womens laps. That would be 7 at once on his poor face....if he face doesnt turn into a bloddy mess I dont know what will..
 Thanks for reading. Faceseat

Another reason why I think Cuccilio's site is one of the best out there. Carlo and his buddy Dave take facial abuse to the extreme. They have a few face sitting videos out . I have seen 2 of them and they are great. I hope they make a new full weight face sitting world record soon.
These 3 pix are from  Faceseat

Cucciolio is my favorite .This guy is amazing. I have never seen someone that can take the pressure that this guy can take. He has 2 new videos for this week. I havent purchased these as I am into more of the FACE SITTING. I was X-TREMMMMELY happy that he made 2 videos including FULL WEIGHT face sitting. I saw the 1st one and it was awesome. I just wish ( if you are out there Carlo ) that you will make a video with as many as 6 or 7 women sitting on you head/ face at one time like you have in the trampling sections. If someone can handle it, I know its you.
Thanks again and keep the face sitting movies coming!!!!!!! Faceseat

IF he could withstand 15 women on his face at one time he would be the greatest EVER.

Hey whats up everyone..
Just wondering if anyone has seen the triple face sitting video by Cuccilio ? I checked out the 1st video and it was awesome. I want to buy this one when I have the cash but was wondering if anyone else has seen it. The guy can take a beating and keep on going. I have seen him under 15 women at once and still live to tell about it. His new video has 3 women crushing his face and smothering him like no other.
I am so happy that he has taken on face sitting along with his trampling . I hope he goes to the extreme and has 5 or more women , piled up , one on top of eachothers laps, on his face at one time. I realllllllllly hope he trys it. If anyone can, he can. Faceseat

cucciolo by far can take the most pain.. Faceseat

I thank you for all the photos you post and I also thank you especially for the shoe soles photos: I like them very much! femcarpet

I really love this site ( cucciolopage ).
Thankx for sharing those wonderful clip.  fil

Carlo yous pics are greates art ever! Babes just cant be more beautiful than they are, their boots are used and so it has to be. Just great. Dont know what to say...!!! You are my hero! I have to buy your films! [FIN]Samuli

So beautiful...
Thank you, Carlo!

Carlo Edwige....... and the latest blonde and their shoes are ... I got no words for that...  You should marry them . Can you even imagine how lucky you are when you can spend quality time with those beautiful ladys trampling all over you.
Your still my hero!   [FIN]Samuli

And besides generous, you are also modest
Thank you very much!
Those pics are wonderful!
You really made my day, so to say

I recommend Stryders site or Cucciolo's site, they are both very high quality and pay attention to thier clientelle. Thats my 2 cents.
PEACE thefloor

Carlo, greetings from Kansas City. I too am in awe after seeing the preview for this video. Through hard work you have made one of the best, if not the best, trample sites on the web today. I am fairly new to our community so my opinions may not mean as much as the many trample veterans that I am honored to share this forum with but this looks like it could be the best multitrample video I've ever seen. My collection of trample video tapes is small, but it does contain several videos and I'm proud to say that I will be adding at least one more. Thanks for all your time and effort, you are the man. Take care and heal well Carlo. Footgeneral

Carlo, greetings from the USA. The videos that I have ordered from are absolutely the best of my collection. Keep up the great content and give the ladies of Cucciolo my warmest regards. Good luck in the future and Thank you. footgeneral

Happy BirThday Carlo! And thanks for your countless wonderful pictures foottoy

Man, looks like a fantastic video! ….
Wow, you are living our dreams!!! Try not to push the limit and get hurt in these videos, we look forward to many more of your videos in the future.

Thanks for posting those great pictures. As a member of you site I think your new face in the floor video is a great idea! Love to see some nice closeup pics with barefoot face standing (your face, their floor) – Great Work as Always... Footrest2

hi Carlo31,
some call it .....
some call it dreamland
Your girls are outstanding top looking excellent models
I would give what to have your job for one day...

theese are the among most erotic trimpling pics I've seen ft lickah

Thanks for posted pics, it's great!
Regards gavrik

Non sono stato mai membro di alcun sito negli ultimi...5 anni, ma se proprio dovessi decidere in futuro allora sceglierei 1) che è un sito che fa diventare feticista anche chi non lo è o non ha mai sospettato di esserlo !…Gepos

I must agree. I got a nice little ppv underwater trampling clip. Well worth the money.Ghostbud
Ur R My HERO Thanks... gigitrample

For someone who loves stocking feet trample your pics are a true pleasure. The pics of 17 girls are just incredible.
Fan-fucking-tastic!!! Thanks a million! glhs455

I replied to this thread when it first started and now I have to reply again. As a fan of nylon/trampling pics I have to say this is one of the best threads I've ever seen. I'm assuming in upcoming pics we will see all of those women in nylons standing on you - hope so. Thank you sincerely for such a great thread! glhs455

This thread just keeps getting better and better. Thanks for the consistently great pics!

thank you for clip of cucciolo more please more casting i love this. in french is very vrey good thank you very much Glooton

Never had a problem with getting dvds from Cucciolo delivered safetly. And quickly. gm80143

Nikki came around for a quiet evening watching television. After watching a couple of Cucciolo's video's she felt inspired to try out some of the ideas herself.
BTW, if Cucciolo sees this - Nikki wants to star in your next video, very impressed by your tolerance to pain. Perhaps a video featuring pink boots.

However, if it is more a fem dom rather than trample site. Hard to beat cucciolopage or stryder for pure trample. gm80143

Cucciolo pics! (face trample/jumping)
Hope these get a better reception than my previous posts. I think someone said no more than 4 pics so heres 4 great pics from "the man"
P.S If you read this Cucciolo, your site is GREAT! Signed up for the archive membership a few weeks ago, its well worth it! Any chance of "Margo's first time"?!?!goletiout

Hey Carlo,
You still had enough strength after the 50 girl trample to post this fantastic series.
Thank you for that out of this word trample event!!
Now go to your doctor and see if your still in one piece.
Just another day at work for Carlo : groundview

Hello everybody...
I found that Pic from and I think the first girl from the right with the short hair and the white top is damm amazing !!
If someone has some more Pic´s of her I would be very happy to see them here.
Thanks everbody and a nice Sunday to you. hans

Faceseat, Cuccilio has only recently started the facesitting thing. He is normerly doing trample movies and they are great with lovely girls but he still puts up a great show. HEALDAMAGE

Thanx alot Carlo and Steve!
Truly appreciate all that you do for us! You both produce some of the best stuff on the net.

Awesome just seems so inadequate!!!
Carlo31, you da man!
And how you can get some many great looking women ... it just confirms the law of averages and explains my life!!!
Very cool man! Heelcushion

Hello Carlo,
first of all I want to thank you for your first class pics. I'm looking forward for every posting you make.
My oppinion to your question is I like trampling as much as cockcrushing. For myself it depends on the type of shoe, which is used for it. I like high heeled sandals best. My goddess and me are taking also trampling pics but we can't get so professional pics as you or FrankMD. And we don't want to show our faces. So I only post the cockcrushing pics. I think they are as good as the pics from pay sites.
But its a nice idea. I would like to see some cockcrushing pics on your site. Maybe you will find some nice girls who will do that for you.

Hello Carlo, this is the best post ever on this forum. Thanks for sharing so many pics. with us.
Lola is lovely. I normaly don't like boots. But she looks better in boots than other women in pumps or sandals. I think, I'm in love. .
Regards Heely

Dear Carlo,
I know, I should respond earlier. But now I try to lift your rate to 0,149.
To be honest. Your threat is one of the best in this forum. You shared so many pics with us an I want to thank you for that. Your girl are really lovely and I like what they are doing.  I am a great admirer of your work. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pics with us.

Trample Vid Reviews!  First let me begin by saying that both Stryder and Cucciolo are the KINGS of TRAMPLING!
(and Cucciolo may start stealing the competition for FS soon too!)
I've ordered from cucciolo the movie trampled by 9 ultra vixens, and it was damn incredible, multi-trample doesn't get much better than this.
These girls really jump and crush without mercy in this video, it's an older video but a classic.
Hey who here loves cucciolo's new approach with facesitting now involved in many of his videos, I know I personally LOVE IT!!! He always seems to surpass my expectations in his videos, outstanding! And I will be getting a facesitting video from them soon, their models are damn HOT! …. Hellgrinder
I love cucciolo, he makes trampling an art! Hellgrinder

WOW, 4 lovely babes in short dresses and boots are just awsome,( a dream come true) The outdoor pics were just as great... you da man....    Highheel Lover

Carlo, You are a GOLD MINE!!!
Take care and stay alive!We need You!  humble freak

Carlo, I don't know what to say... This is REALLY a great cotribution!
Thank You!!! humble freak

Thanks, Carlo, it is very generous of You to show us such delightfull pics from your members area!
You are a gold mine indeed!
Take care

Having been challenged by Carlo on the existence of an Edwige Fan Club, I hereby announce the Official existence of that Club. Here is where the Club will meet.
For our first EFC meeting, I offer the following images for your pleasure and adoration (feel free to print them up, pin them to your wall, and light a few candles to Edwige’s beauty). Kneeling is most definitely not optional. Do it ! Post here in this thread to proclaim your membership in the Edwige Fan Club. No dues! The only requirement is that you sit back, look at her exquisite features, and say, “ahhhhhh Elle est une femme très belle !” I would like you to consider the following before viewing this last image: This beautiful girl, with a lovely and sweet face, is capable of being disastrously cruel. I have not yet seen the video from which these images were taken, but this next picture is very indicative of what I’ve seen Lady Edwige do over the years. And thinking about the fact that the foot in that boot is attached to an extremely attractive young woman just blows my mind.

This thread is the current home of the Edwige Fan Club. By posting that you want to be a member, you are then a member.
And, as has happened already, we can share our favorite pics of the Lovely Edwige, discuss what we so adore about her and describe our favorite Edwige videos. Things like that.  Hopefully, Carlo will keep Lovely Edwige informed about our existence and our worship of her (hint hint Carlo  ).kenrug

Anybody who has been paying attention knows that I have a raging crush on’s premier superstar, Edwige. If you’ve ever seen her, you’ll know why.  Oh, wait! As president of the official Edwige Fan Club (I wish), I might just be able to show you a few things (Note: I have permission from Carlo to post these images).  So I sent my Crazy 88 Kenrug Infiltration Ninjas from the Fortress of Doom™ over to France to see what they could gather.
The Ninjas reported that has released a new video featuring Edwige herself! And they acquired still photographs to prove it.
To give you an idea of how completely lovely Edwige is, I’ve selected two images to prove it. Now, to the action!
In the new video, Under My Boots 2 ( ), Edwige comes at Cucciolo from all angles.
She crushes his cigarette, uses her wicked velvet boots – driving her heels into his back, she stands on his face, she sits above him in a chair and forces him to adore the soles of her boots (and for guys like me who love that, the soles are authentically worn!).
I think Edwige dominated that poor guy in every way imaginable in this video. She tramples his hands, strangles him between her legs, she even placed two legs of her chair on his palms – sits in the chair – and uses him as her footstool.
Finally, off come the boots for some good ol’ nylon face-standing and foot worship. Priceless stuff!
One thing I simply have to mention is that this beautiful young lady has an enormous range, as you’ll see in the images. Y’all know I have a huge face fetish. I just can’t get enough of authentic beauty, and Edwige’s range of facial expressions is fascinating to me. It’s like she’s beautiful no matter what expression she’s showing.
One of the reasons I so entirely adore this young lady is because of the dramatic contrast between her angelic, kind-appearing face, and the very brutal things she does to Cucciolo. And even though I haven’t seen this video (just a number of Hi-Rez images), I did see her in action in the 50-Girl Stampede video. In that, Cucciolo was getting brutalized by a long line of women trampling over his abdomen. Edwige stepped out of line, and while the other women continued to trample down hard on his chest and belly, she (without direction) chose to stand on his face in her (very attractive) high heels. Cucciolo was already hurting badly from the stream of women walking over his abdomen, so I found it especially cruel that Edwige would add to his “misery” this way.
A beautiful, sweet-faced girl, with a heart of stone. Unbelievably sexy!
Now I’ll shut up and post some stills form the video.
(Note: These are not the best from the set. I’m not going to deprive Carlo his just rewards for his fine work. So when you’re impressed by what you’re about to see, keep that in mind: there’s even better stuff soon to be available!)
My god. Simply glorious! If a woman’s hair is her crown, Edwige is an empress.Kenrug

I don’t know about CCBILL, but Cucciolo is straight up trustworthy. I’d trust him with my wallet. No kidding. kenrug

Jesus Christ. I haven’t been to the board in ages. So what do I find when I get back here? Carlo all up with his antics. And pushing the outside of the envelope (those who don’t know the phrase, e-mail me).
I find myself, for the first time since I can remember, with my Card in hand (no innuendo’s guys) looking for the PayPal hookup (or something like it)!
Carlo, you and I haven’t done business since I was a member of your site (some time back), but your sheer artistry in your representation of this new work is astronomical!  I own, like, three trample videos. That’s it. Three! But your presentation was so awesome that I had to pony up the cash.
What an extraordinary fantasy!  And I’ll have to admit, as a secret fan of sexy shoes… OMG!
And you used the operative phrase: stampede. Ken’s favorite word.
Man, how did you put this together? Good lord, 50 women?
For such an effort I feel compelled to contribute for no other reason than for the audacity of it, much less for the artistry of it. And you did it well, indeed!
(yes, I’m writing this as I review the web page advertisement)
Carlo on steroids. That’s what it must have been.
Next time you announce a party, leave me an invitation by the door, okay?
Okay, that’s it. I’m leaving for Europe ASIFK (as soon as I freaking can). Obviously the party’s over there.
If you guys are into images of masses of women, all femininity arrayed before you in all intensity, then you’ll be enamored of this visualization.
And note this too: Carlo is one of us, and he made it happen. We few select ones of the trample fetish are privy to those special pleasures that we can present to women: the special pleasure of walking upon somebody else. They do, in their secret thoughts, like it. And we are their willing participants.
Oh, by the way, I just ordered this vid.
Cordially yours,

Wow. I have to admit… I ordered the video while only halfway through Carlo’s preview page.
I went back this morning to see the rest and it makes me want to order another copy!
I just can’t BELIEVE that he got 50 girls together, and had them all trample him! It’s mind-blowing!
Hey Carlo! Thanks for the pics, and thanks a bazillion for making this happen! True fantasy material. If you make a DVD of this let us all know!

Wellll… here’s the thing, and I’m serious about this: no doubt, Carlo’s ability to pull this off must have been due (at least in part) to his financial success with his site and previous vids. He has produced a rather wide variety of differing trample themes (within his chosen niche), so it follows that as his success grows he’ll be in a better position to cater to other specific tastes.
And by the way, I can’t leave without noting, loudly and in capitol letters: THIS IS WHY WE DON’T STEAL COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL FROM PRODUCERS. If the producers are actually allowed to profit from their efforts then they can continue to create (and FUND) more and more outrageous adventures. And think about it: who’s in a better position to develop vids? The experienced producers who genuinely enjoy this sport? Or the guys who skulk around trying to trade passwords?
The following statement is, of course, ridiculous, but think about it: what would Carlo be able to produce with, say, the budget of Microsoft?! How about a stadium full of ladies?! Heh heh. I truely applaud him for the qulaity stuff he continues to produce.
His stuff is true foot fetishist original and not commercial....which separates him from the other 90% of the junk out there. Kenrug

Have you seen that clip from Dig Your Own Grave 2? When that one girl steps on Cucciolo’s head, and her heel bears down on him, I just couldn’t believe it. I didn’t think it was intentional at first, but she didn’t seem to be too concerned, even with him crying out in pain. She just casually continued with her stride. And then another girl does a never-ending headstand in her heels, just crushing him into the ground! kenrug

can't stop. Can't. Stop. Can't...
Resistance. Is. Futile...
Weeks, literally, of searching through the tremendous treasure trove over at Cucciolo’s have finally found the jackpot! (I know, I could have asked for directions, but do you know any man who asks for directions when lost? Besides, what a place to get lost in!)
Now, you tell me, is this not a superbly lovely young woman? Expand a couple of the first pics (you should be kneeling while doing this, by they way. Trust me). What a beautiful face, a spectacular figure. Some women know how to play to a camera. Others have more difficulty, but this lass knows she’s beautiful, and knows how to project that right through the lens. Right into your mind.
But don’t let that face, so sweet and kindly, fool you for an instant. Even though I have it on good authority that Lady (Goddess? Supreme Deity?!) Edwige is actually a very nice woman, I think that something just gets into her head when she’s presented with a helpless guy laying at her feet.
She’s absolutely ruthless. And yes, those boots are absolutely made for walkin’.
And yes, #506 is a full-weight heel stand. (And that lucky S.O.B. Cucciolo isn’t even tensing his muscles; he’s taking it all, without resistance!) Take a second and just imagine.
(okay... stop it now)
Doh! Almost forgot the link: kenrug

Cucciolo’s been at it again. Getting himself squashed by some very fetching women (as always). From my point of view, there’s nothing so disarming as the appearance of a pretty face. And Cucciolo delivers the pretty faces.
While not a huge fan of barefoot (well, I am huge... never mind  ), some things you simply can’t ignore.
Like these lovely ladies: kenrug

50 Girl Disco Stampede – A Review
Usual Caveats Section: Okay, I don’t buy a lot of videos. Haven’t in so many years I can’t remember. I think I have 4, total, now: 100% Total Trample, The Never Ending Trample, and, of course, Seven Stompers 2 (the one where the girls wore shoes!). Anyhow, you all know how long ago those came out so you know it’s been a while. I usually would buy a video just to see something I’ve never seen before. And that was true in this case, also.
However: I’ve seen my share of vids and clips and images, so I’m not completely out of the loop. Besides, I’d have to be dead not to know good stuff when I see it. So you might have heard/read about Cucciolo’s recent video, 50 Girls Disco Stampede.
Now, I know that company has produced material since then, so this review is dated, but I’m rather surprised that Cucciolo is out of the hospital, even now. He took such a beating under those delicious women that I think few could have been able to crawl afterwards.
Small note here: Before I bought the video I went to the website to check it out. I was stunned at how many pics were posted in the description. Dozens! I thought to myself, “man, they’re giving away the whole thing here in pictures!” Oho! Not true! There’s just so much more on the video that the considerable number of promotional shots is tiny in comparison to the real thing.
So, first my conclusion: This video was fantastic!. In fact, it was almost unbelievably amazing. If you are a fan of high-speed, repeated and frequent trampling then this video is for you. Imagine, 50 girls in a mob-style trample of a guy whose chest compresses alarmingly under their feet as they step and walk over him. One after the other, in an almost unending stream. Frequently two or more at a time!
The main thing I’m trying to relate, though, is the incredible atmosphere that the video conveys. I’m a big fan of out-of-control, stampede-style trample situations, and this video gives you exactly that. But it does so in a very convincing way. The camera angles are awesome, almost always from below head level. You’re looking up into the faces of these obviously peeved women who are surrounding Cucciolo. A particularly cute woman steps forward as the spokeswoman for the group and demands answers from Cucciolo, but she’s obviously and vociferously supported by the dozens of other women, who shout and chant their agreement and encouragement. The room fills with the voices of these women. And that theme persists throughout the video. Whenever a woman performs a notably vicious or demeaning act on Cucciolo the women cheer her and egg her on.
Just imagine being the focus of a large group of attractive, hostile women. It’s really quite exciting.
And all that happens in the first few minutes of the video, setting up the situation. And that provocative setup doesn’t disappoint when the action starts. Cucciolo is harshly walked over and stepped on by all these women. Some are timid, but most are forceful and malicious in their desire to crush him underfoot. They seem to be anxious to want to swamp him under their feet, to overwhelm him by their sheer numbers.
And they do. Wow.
There was a short segment (maybe 15 seconds or so) where the situation really seemed out of control. The women kept coming, trampling over him relentlessly. Several at a time, they just strode over him, with him wriggling helplessly under the wave of well-heeled feet. I would have paid for the video just for that segment. But we get far, far more than that. A virtually never-ending stream of luscious and mind-warping imagery and emotion.
Cucciolo doesn’t miss any opportunity that assembling 50 attractive women presents: The women walk over his hands.
This isn’t a particular favorite activity of mine, but the way the scene it shot it’s very appealing.
You look up into the lovely faces of these women as they step on his hands, and you can see the smirks of cruel satisfaction.
Normally, I’d object to so much time being dedicated to showing non-trample images (in this case, POV shots of the women’s faces). But, and listen to me here, there is just so bloody much trample that spending time to show the reactions of the women, and to set the mood, actually adds to the experience. It makes the trample that much more enjoyable because you can feel the emotional state of the women doing the trampling.
I just loved this entire video. There are so many aspects of it that I could write a very long piece about it (unlike this brief one, heh heh). The betrayal of the initial 5 girls Cucciolo had planned to spend the evening with, when they decided to join the mob of other women, was delectable. First they were with him, and then turned on him. One of these girls (a completely and breathtakingly lovely blonde) ends up standing on his face in heels. Another, dark-haired, woman obviously enjoys grinding him underfoot; smirking almost every time her face is shown. A number of women entertain themselves by stamping on him repeatedly as they pass over him. There is very little restraint shown by these women.
One, particularly harsh, lack of restraint was shown when a piece of plywood was dropped over our long-suffering hero. Almost as soon as it was in place the women crowded onto it, striving to fit as many as possible onto the limited surface. But then they start stamping their feet! The clicking of their heels rings out as you see this poor guy crushed under these merciless women.
And then the dancing starts. Oh. My. God. Some of these women use poor Cucciolo as their own personal stage as they grind him down. And here’s the best part: these girls know they look incredibly hot. They’re almost arrogant in their aesthetic superiority. They dance over his helpless body, strutting their sexuality, taunting him as he writhes so very far, far beneath them. The whole sequence screams, “You know you want it, but you can’t have it, rugboy!”
I just can’t get over the looks on the faces of these beauties. Pure, sublime perfection! This is why I love our sport so much, for moments like that!
And then, sure enough, several women step on top of him and begin to enticingly gyrate together, continuing and intensifying their trample tease.
Then... more multi-trample! The women try to find places on Cucciolo to set their feet as they crowd onto him. The guy is buried under these women.
Then the women take their shoes off. Now I expected to be disappointed at this point, not being a huge fan of barefoot trample. However, once again, just the presence of so many girls wanting to step all over Cucciolo intensified the experience so much that this, too, was fantastic to watch. I think it’s quite rare for your horizons to be widened by the luscious presentation of something somewhat out of your main interest. But, hell, this video did the trick several times.
I think that something else had to do with my favorable reaction: The girls then lined up and, in rapid succession, walked over Cucciolo’s face. One after the other. Seemingly endlessly. They just crunched him down.
Then came the footworship. I just couldn’t help thinking that this must have been the very first time some of these girls had a guy at their feet, adoring them this way. And then the shoe worship. Same thought as these pretty girls giggled and laughed while Cucciolo shined and polished to their exacting specifications.
And a great video should have an equally great finish. Here, too, I wasn’t disappointed in the least. The girls lined up and used Cucciolo as their doormat, stepping on him as they left the disco. Some of them even took the time to “double step” the poor guy as they marched over him. And they are brutal.
The heels dig in, the chest compresses astonishingly
I don’t write many reviews. But when I saw this video advertised I simply had to have it. It is, by far, the best video of its kind I’ve ever seen. Probably the best that could ever be realistically (and safely!) made. I don’t care if you have to panhandle the money, if you like shoes-on trample, if you like barefoot trample, if you like hand crushing, face stepping, brutal multi-trample, dance floor trample, mob-style stampede trample, out-of-control completely insane trample, then you need to get this video. kenrug

Cucciolo Page Overload (Free Stuff!!)
You folks are missing something if you’re not making frequent, and I mean frequent visit’s to Cucciolo’s video preview pages.
Today I had reason to drop by there for a look (actually, I was trying to locate a picture of a certain hottie [named Edwige] who I first noticed on the 50 Girl Disco Stampede video). Ran into a preview of a video there called “Dig Your Own Grave.”
I don’t have the video, but the preview pics would drop you to your knees if you’re anything like me. 5 attractive women (including the stupendously beautiful Edwige!!!) trampling the crap out of a guy while he’s half-buried in a muddy field.
High heel trampling, beautiful girls (all very well dressed!!!!!), muddy footprints, cruel intentions, you name it. If you’re on the hunt for a good preview, or even just for rather impressive and, um, “affecting” pics, then you should check it out.
Link helpfully provided by your humble moderator:
The right button on my mouse (right-click>save as) is now thoroughly worn out.
Gee, Cucciolo, thanks for the mouse damage, buddy. Kenrug

I saw a clip recently where a very pretty woman was standing on his chest and stomping on his face with her boot. I mean STOMPING.
I don’t know if he can turn off his pain-receptors, but he can’t “turn off” the damage he receives. Some of the after-the-fact shots I’ve seen of him show a wasteland of heel prints. I know I’d be sobbing like a little girl if I were subjected to that kind of brutality.
Like I said before; sign up for a month and check it out for yourself. You can do the best evaluation of whether a site suits your interests. And both sites have an extraordinary amount of content to thrill. Kenrug

Cucciolo’s At It Again! In his latest video, 3 sexy sadists : the ultimate degradation, Cucciolo assembled a trio of trampling temptresses (who writes this stuff?! – oh – me!).  From the preview it looks absolutely delicious with these attractive women all decked out in fetish gear and putting the heels to our long-suffering buddy.
These pics are from his amazingly extensive members’ section, and are by no means all that is there. (Don't you just love that last one? Just a group of women out for a stroll!!!)
I’ve always been amazed that somebody with as small a frame as Cucciolo can take so much brutality. I’ve seen some of his clips and his wailing and grunting while being harshly trodden upon is absolutely genuine. It’s what you and I would experience were we to be in his place.
Also, this appears to be Cucciolo’s 200th video, so I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Cucciolo on this occasion, and give a big “thank you” to him and his Ladies for providing, consistently, some of the best material available in the world today.
PS Oh, man! The last pic in the series (not shown here) is absolutely brutal! All three women driving thier heels into his... well, you'd have to see it!
(all pics shown here are done so with the written (e-mail) permission of the copyright owner) kenrug

Cucciolo’s site ( is fantastic. Despite what some people have said I think it’s absolutely fabulous. Whatever you’re into (in things trample), Cucciolo’s got it covered. He’s got some of the most brutal and “hard-core” stuff out there.
And, lest we forget, he’s the originator of the 50-Girl Disco Stampede video. The guy is absolutely indestructible.
And the dozens of women on his site (and his body!) are fantastic looking. Nothing sooths the trample-itch like a beautiful face.
At a minimum, sign up and explore the site for a month. I think you’ll be very satisfied with what you find there. There’s nothing like seeing for yourself. Kenrug

Beauties On The Beast
You know I’m not a huge fane of barefoot trample. But this new series at is hot.
Now you tell me, look into the lovely face of the girl looking into the camera. Isn’t she completely drool-worthy? I feel like booking a flight to France right now just from looking at her. Damn it. Cucciolo’s site does this to me every single time. I go in, and can’t leave!

I have to agree Carlo's site is amazing!!!
I received 2 of his DVD's at the weekend, and WOW!!! Terrific stuff. I'm gonna do review of both of them here in the next few days.
I cant recommend his DVD's enough, he takes some incredible damage.
You must check this site out!

Your pictures are consistantly the best on the internet without question!
Congratulations, I love your work!
Please please keep it up, I love the high heel face standing you endure, I wish I was tough enough to cope with that too!!
Best Wishes,
A fan... (KJT13)

What happened to this amazing thread??? Its been nearly a month and no one has added to it!!!
I hope you are well and are soon able to continue with your fantastic work!!
All the very best,

What can I say that has not been said already? Your posts are amazing. You have found some stunning models and the quality of your work is incredible.
I agree with shoepete that it is especially good to see boots and shoes that have obviously been worn often. So thank you for that.
Some of the strappy pumps on recent posts have blown me away, I loved the black pumps from a week or so ago with the long laced section, they are probably the best pics I have ever seen on the internet!!!
I have promised to myself that I will purchase some of your films. Thanks again Mate...

Woow Carlo  Im from poland too  Nice Pic with Lola  ps Youre site is the best on net really  good work   klint
Carlo, I just ordered the dvd. What a perfect combination. Beautiful Goddes and love what she is doing! My order is on its way!!!

Carlo, the dvd arrived today! Perfect quality! haven't seen it all, just the beginning.
Thank you!!

This are just unbelievable!
These are - if not the best - definitely among the best foot worship / trample pictures I have ever seen, !
Keep up the good work! Jasinnatael

I sent an order to Cucciolo the day before you did, and the videos arrived yesterday. Don't worry, they're honest guys. Jimi

GREAT Pictures!!!!! Thank you!!!!
4 women in black boots WOW Jmax

There IS a Heaven.............and I think this is it!!!!!!!!!! JoePublicUSA

Thanks Sin.......that last batch from Cucciolo was EXCEPTIONALLY GREAT! JoePublicUSA

I would have to agree with all that this is probably (without seeing it yet...maybe a free copy...hint hint) is the pinnacle of trample videos made to date...
I'm sure there are harder trample videos, more brutal, heavier girls, sharper heels, whatever.....but the sheer amazing feat of getting that many beautiful women together in one place to perform a trampling scene is nothing short of amazing...
I can't stand being in the same room with 3 models at the same time....being in a room with FIFTY of them is beyond belief...
Carlo...great job! John

Cucciolo (Carlo) is the man for multi, he has a vid with 17 women standing on him !! Most I have ever seen …. john19975

These pics are my favs. This is the first double throat stand i have ever seen. Amazing is the only word.
From jono

I would definitely support a mistress Fanny fan club. She's incredible, hands down my favourite on cucciolo's site, which is quite an honor cuz he's got some great ones. Jpstingers

you should check out cucciolo's trample site, I think his record is 18 at once! jpstingers

I agree completely. I bought quite a few clips and they're all great quality and Cucciolo is probably the most honest guy out there right now as far as not ripping anyone off. He just loves what he does and offers it at prices anyone can afford. juiced1000

Thank you Carlo and Stryder. I am sort of new to exploring my trample fetish, and I must say that you guys have set a very high benchmark. My girlfriend tramples me, but I have yet to come to the extreme levels that you two gentlemen have achieved. I am starting to build my pain tolerance gradually, and I dream of the day that I can withstand an upturned face trample in heels. Both of you gentlemen have wonderful clips,pics,and websites, and they have given my girlfriend and I many new ideas. Kudos to you guys and thanks again, for your absolute self expression in your trample styles. Also,thanks to your women Carlo, and to your wife Stryder,Helen,and to my girlfriend...For without them,and others like them, our trample experiences would only be theory...

Thank you thank you for posting. Your pics are of the highest quality. I love all your models, they are so beautiful. And Charlotte (Mistress Fury) has the most beautiful sexy feet I have ever seen. May you enjoy your work forever.

Carlo. This is my first post to you, and I must say...
YOU'RE SIMPLY THE BEST!!!! ixpema and then click on the pic of the week.
It is a trample site and I think he appears on the trample forums here! But this is a great ass shot high quality too! Iwantkylietowalkonme
WOW! I am ready! 22 lovely ladies! We will be as flat as pancakes! Soon we will rival our friend Cucciolo!!! Ladiesfloor

Thank You Carlo,
again and again Your work is almost incredible. I wish I´d be You for at least one single day!

Thanx Carlo!
Really loved the pix of Yvi and I enjoy unconventional ideas like the girl sitting on the chair. Has ben one of my fantasies for a long time and I saw it for the first time today!!! Lars33

I never posted anything in your threads before, because I´m simply speechless! What can I say? I really admire your works and I adore the women you find.
Thanks!!!!!!! Lars33

Carlo, you're driving us mad!!!! She's stunning, probably the most beautiful girl who trampled you (but I like them all). She has beautiful legs and shoes.... do you have some shoe sole and hell licking pics of her? Will she feature one of your feature videos?
You're the best in trampling and shoe/boot fetish! Leccascarpe

Auguri Mitico Carlo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CUCCIOLO ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leccascarpe

Carlo, you're driving me mad... these are the best picture i've ever seen from you!!! I love the bad girls in boots.... You're the best! Leccascarpe
Simply outstanding...
No words. Leccascarpe

Usually Carlos really good.
I cant give you a reason for the delay but I'm not sure you have anything to really worry about.
He's been around a loooong time and in my books has a really good name.
Give him a while more! Lildog

wonderfull pics and nice girls. Thx a lot!!!  locaro

Carlo, you absolutely, unquestionably and undisputably RULE! Londonraptor

Dear Carlo,
thanks a lot for the throat standing pixs. You took me to dreamland. Youe models are really superb. Please keep posting same kind of caps as much as possible. Really appreciated and thanks once more!  lotusfoot_tr

...speechless... ltsteveaustin

yes i totally agree, Fanny should have a fan club aswell.
As i stated in the Edwige thread Fanny is easily my favourite from Cucciolopage, she is just simply amazing. Luke

Nope, Ur all wrong! lol jj
Personally though i think Cucciolos hottest ever model is Fanny, GODAMN she is SMOKING HOT!!!! Luke

cant see the pics, familiar with the lass though, she is HOT thats for sure.
Cucciolo has soo many little hotties on his site, i quite often think i am gonna have to move to France one day hehehe.
My personal favourite back in the earlier days of the site used to be a girl called Claire, but now it is undisputedly Fanny, OMG that girl is sooo hot! she's really petite, but still very curvy, ala Jennifer Love Hewitt, and thats an awesome combo in my opinion.Luke

I check Cuucio's page now and then, great stuff.
Thanks. luv2betrampled

Hi, I'm also a fan of Carlo & have 3 of his trample videos,
1. 50 Girls Disco Stampede (A World Record)
2. Boots Torture Babes 3
3. Stryder's Deadly Dreams
His trample videos are superb but I hadn't heard anything about the facesitting videos,
1. Facesit Betrayal
2. Triple Facesitting Mania
3. Facesitting Extreme
And I see by the preview there is some facesitting in the video "Mistress Fury 6"
Which one did you buy? Could you tell us a little about some of the best scenes.
Here's a link; LV2GDWN

Complimenti Carlo..!!
Mi piacerebbe avere un sito pieno di cose belle come il tuo, fino ad ora ho fatto solo portali e via dicendo, praticamente cose che ad un programmatore non soddisfano neanche...
Ho bisogno di più stimoli, e nel tuo sito ce ne sono... manuel_brt

Happy Birthday Carlo
Thank you so much for all the work and nice pic´s in the past!!!
Stay well, and keep on rocking...
All the best for you .masen

Damn i missed your posts Carlo. Its great to have you back. You are one of my heros.Mashedup

Congratulations Cucciolo on your 200th video you are the best in the buisness and if you need a break from filming I am sure that there would be lot's of volunteers to trade places lol.

I am waiting for the same action barefoot, or open shoes. the cbt is a great addition to Cucciolo's films.     maxclub - ummm , the models are SO gorgeous!
MC. UmmmTrample

Hi everyone,
I just joined Cucciolo page for the second time! ITS AWESOME. THEY ARE THE BEST! im glad to say that so much has been added since the last time i joined, and so much more clips are there now!
Its one of the best sites around, along with woman worship and russian mistress... GREAT SITE! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO JOIN A SITE BUT DOESNT KNOW WHICH IS THE BEST!!!
I was looking for a different site actually, but no matter where i went, i wasnt at all convinced that it was a good value for money except for these 3 sites that i mentioned!
Cucciolo ya rock man! mediman900

carlo you are the man!
damn it, my subscription is gonna end in 4 days!!
love your site, love your work.

Thanks again for the BEST site on the web when it comes to a girls feet... YOU and your site ROCK!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! mediman900

Carlo Carlo Carlo
You are the best man
Thanks so much for agreeing to post a clip just for me  I cannot believe it  Thanks!
Your site is awsome. It has everything you could want, not only trample, but crushing, worship and now you are adding facesitting as well  Great job Carlo, Ive become a member 3 times and honestly you have such great updates that ive not come across any older material, its all new! wonderful stuff, not to mention the beautiful girls that you have   Thanks Carlo  I owe you a big one for that.
Thanks Carlo, you are the best and cucciolopage is awsome.. great stuff   mediman900

…take Cucciolo page for instance, there is SO much on that website, Ive become a member there twice just because i know that in 2 months time there would be a 1000 new pictures, 20-30 new clips, in trample, footworship, crush, pov, etc... while when you have 20 websites, there will be much fewer updates, and if you do become a member again after 6 months you will still find the same material is still there.

Like the rest of the gang, I too am speechless Carlo! Truly an amazing piece of work you put together, absolutely incredible.
I remember a while ago you said you were working on making your videos for DVD, and I was curious how is that coming along? Or am I just crazy?
Seriously Carlo, astonishing work, you've done wonders for the trample community, and you give back so much. I can't express enough gratitude for you my friend, thank you so much!
take care,

After much contact with Carlo (Cucciolo) I can tell you that he has always been a wonderful, caring, generous, and kind-hearted friend to me and never asking a single thing in return. Let people say what they want, but Carlo is a dignified human being and a great person.
I don't want to speak for Carlo here, but he has an absolutely astonishing love of his work and I would highly recommend his site, videos, pictures as there is definately something for everyone. He is a great businessman as well, and knows how to deliver full satisfaction to his clientele. He is 110% dedicated to his work, and it consumes the majority of his life. My hats off to him for that.
Don't be fooled by certain others who are clouded with jealousy, and what they have to say. I don't believe (out of everything I have heard about) that the jealous ones who say the negative things came up with a single valid point. I suppose we should let bygones be bygones, and forget about all of those people who thrive on negativity. It's all garbage in my opinion.
I say everything about Carlo because I believe it is all true. He has been nothing but a great friend and a great person to me.

Hello Carlo,
I was just enquiring on when you will have the 50 girl trample available in the video store? god, what a production!!! Am I wrong, or is this everybody's dream come true?
And if I may say so, "Angelique's Revenge" looks fucking awesome. Keep up the magic, Carlo!!

My god Carlo, what can I say? I think peterek2001 said it perfectly, lol. I can't wait to see the surprise, you have me in suspense now!! All of us!
Goodness gracious, I don't even know what to say. You've OUT out-done yourself....again! How do you do it, Carlo? Do you hold the magic trample wand? lol Can you put a trampling spell on me? I won't be greedy, I'll settle for 20 girls.
Thank you so much again, I can't wait to see more images of this event.
Take care Carlo,

Hey Carlo,
Yes it is definately true that the girls make the magic happen, but also you get so many replies because you are not only a good person  , but you are essentially the key to your website. Without you, there would be no, so my hat's off to you Carlo!
You certainly know how to make everyone happy, that's for sure, but when it boils down to it you have a business to run, bills to pay, but you take the time out of your busy schedule to make others happy, even the ones who don't post their appreciations. On that note, the last set of photographs....what can I say Carlo? Absolutely beautiful. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!! Thank you!!
Thank you,

The last sets of photos were incredible!!!
As much as I enjoy seeing, what is that, 14, 16, 200 girl trampling, I think those cheerleader photographs hit a spot in me. Incredible work yet again, and very, very gorgeous models!!
take care,

WONDERFUL photos Carlo! As per usual, might I add.
judging from the last 7 or so posts I'm starting to wonder if the guys are worshipping you more than your girls, lol
But it's true, you never cease to amaze me, Carlo. Your posts always contain some of the most beautiful photographs I have yet to see on the internet, and as you know by now it's extremely appreciated!!
take care, Carlo,

Good day, Carlo!
Believe me, there are lots of people who appreciate the level of generosity Over 193,000 views and 440 responses as I type this....doesn't seem too energetic for many of the "ghosts" out there...alot of people, much like myself, couldn't possibly give you anything in return on this forum that would amount to what you've posted. You have me in awe, you run a damn good website with some of the best photographs I have yet seen! I suppose the least I (and anyone) can do is thank you, and let you know that your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated. Because it truly is!
I think your posts are the best!!!!
best wishes,

Adrianna is absolutely stunning, Carlo! Excellent choice!! And she's 19, am I right? never ceases to amaze me how good your photographs are! I feel as if I've run out of compliments, but believe me Carlo I certainly look forward to your posts!
Keep up the fantastic work!

Carlo, those pictures were absolutely fantastic!!
I noticed Feriel was in them trampling, you know what I like
My favorites are Feriel and Angelique (my god that woman can trample...what is her age?) but you have been getting alot of lovely new models.
You definately have taste, maybe it's because you are Italian
Great food. fast cars, wonderful women....although your girls are mainly French I understand, I like girls of different ethnic origins, they are all so unique and diverse.
Thank you kindly for the photographs you've posted. They are definately among the best on the thread. You are awesome Carlo!!
very grateful,

Hello Carlo,
Thank you very much for being so generous with the pictures from your site...I think you have one of the best sites out there, and I must say this post is a true blessing. I'm certainly going to join your site.
Thank you very much again, I look forward to all of your posts!!!

Oh and Carlo, you are one tough guy to be able to take all of that do you manage???   ...astonishing...keep up the great work!

Hey carlo~
I would so love to play with you after seeing those pictures. Fanny certainly looks as if she is having a wonderful time. Those kicks, those stomps, slapping your face, the way she grinds her evil boot on your “friend” wow! The way you look so vulnerable while looking up at her.
Always Above…
Mistress Sara

This is my first ever reply on this forum....and I must say it is because it is simply the most thorough and generous and probably the longest thread I have ever seen in the few years that I've been here!! All the other posts are good, solid contributions to the community, but this post definitely takes the cake!! Carlo, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! I think you'll find a rapid increase in membership after this!!

Nice choice, bro...the Cucciolo pics are killer!! And I do like the top right that Undertoe mentioned!! Thanks. Moglijohnson

Great pics, as always, bro! You know how I am about Cucciolo's bare foot multi-trample pics!! MMMMmmmmmmMmmmm!!

Oh my GOD!! Cucciolo's pics drive me ape!! Now I have to clean my screen again!! LOL Thanks bro...awesome pics!! Moglijohnson
I've got much love for these pics... Again and again, and again!!! Thanks, man. Cucciolo's ROCKS!! So do you, Sinbad!! Moglijohnson
Ohhhhh,'re killing me!! These pics from Cucciolo are awesome!! You know how I love multiple barefoot pics...
Ahhhhhh... moglijohnson

Cucciolo's Cock Mangler Video
Cucciolo..I hope I am not stealing your thunder. This might be a repost as well, but fellow cock crush lovers, go to the following link:
I just went to the page and saw the new "Cock Mangler" vidcaps. I am glad I don't have to talk while typing this because I am speechless. Gosh this looks hot. I will get this video at once. Only downside (if there really is one) is that Fanny doesn't finish Cucciolo off with a cumshot.
Thanks Cucciolo. Thank you. Thank you. I hope you get more models to do this. This has to be great.
With Mrs AYF, Heelzoverhead, Dktrfroid, Mistress Arletta back, and now Cucciolo getting in the action...this will be a very good year for cock crush. Can't forget Doreen and Highheelheidi that Frank blesses us with. All of the above mentioned are putting out great videos. Mohatma

I thought it was just me who felt Fanny was HOT. Nice to see the others agree. She does seem too hot for cock crush.
Carlo...hearing your comments about the pain and recovery makes the sacrifices AYF and the rest make with their schlongs seem even more brave.
Thanks again for doing this man.
Not to be a perv with no life but, I ordered the video 49 hours and 21 minutes ago (not that I'm counting). I have no doubt I will enjoy the video. Mohatma

I received the Cock Mangler video Wednesday and I gotta say..this video is incredible. I don't speak any French, but it doesn't matter because Fanny is so great and convincing. Scotdenell is right about the portion of the video where she steps on you sac with both heels; I have never seen it either. To make matters worse, you had to endure that for about 3 to 4 minutes straight. I can see why you must rest a while, perhaps a long while, before doing one of these videos again. Fanny just toruted you. "Slave Diary" was well worth the cash as well.
As with all of your videos I have, great camerawork. Thanks for finding the beautiful Fanny. Mohatma

just started using CCBILL and now im member of
 pretty good stuff they got   monX

Damn... Cuccilio's girls all look good. How does he get girls that look that good? I'm hoping Lola does a facesit video... She's one of the best looking there. If he did a vid with lola and fanny, damn, that would be a best seller. I'd buy it a few times. MrCrypt

This is great. Found this on Cucciolopage... This is fantastic.
I can't wait to buy this one. MrCrypt

you're right adamant ! the domination is stale. try joining a better site like cucciolopage or Kyle_Narshadaa
I have to say....when it comes to face jumping...Cucciolo's site is amazing!
Not just the face jumping...but it's one of the only sites I've seen where girls are actually taking a big jump onto the guys face.
Thanks for the excellent pics.  nathan

sometimes words are not enough to express your feelings and thoughts and this was exactly how I felt when I visited
Mistress Fanny had made an incredible entry to fellow Carlo's world already, but oh boy, has She surpassed her previous performances with Her incredible performance in Her latest video.
I used to be a humble follower for Mistress Edwidge and Mistress Fanny and I now declare I worship the ground they walk on.
Hey Ken, how about starting a new fanclub for Mistress Fanny ?
And Carlo, bro, we are grateful to you for your marvelous work and efforts appreciated but not adequately mentioned by all of us.
Thank You a thousand times,

Devo dire che ho potuto vedere un'evento veramente u(N)ico.
Avevo visto le foto sul tuo sito Carlò, ma le clips sono una cosa totalmente differente.
Grande. Nico.

Carlo, I agree with everyone else that says you are one of the best. Plus, you are one of the luckiest guys in the world. Yes, you take serious beatings all the time, but the feet you get to lick!
I can't imagine how great it would be to be forced to suck and lick the feet of one super-model quality girl, but four and five of them at a time sometimes?
What I admire about you and your kind the most is that you just have the balls and the such a perfect sense of security in yourself that you can just approach the most gorgeous women you see and get them involved in your fetish videos. I know I've only purchased one or two clips from you, but I am a huge fan of your work. oddworld17801

That's funny, right before I logged onto this forum about 2 minutes ago, I JUST came from his website, and that is the one video I was looking at! Yeah, it does look like an incredbile video. I love Aurelie, I think she's the best. I downloaded a clip where she trampled Cucciolo in high heels, and they did a pan up with the camera to her face, and the gleam in her eye told me that she absolutely loves what she's doing. I really wish he had a clip or two of this video for sale. Not that he doesn't deserve me to send him $50 for the dvd, but right now I can't really spend that much money. oddworld17801

Awesome start to this thread, Sinbad! Hopefully there will be lots more of it to 'cum'!
Just watching those gorgeous, perfect looking young girls rubbing their feet all over Cucciolo's face makes me want to cry.
Thanks, buddy! oddworld17801

A very happy birthday wish to one of the most generous, tough, and lucky men in the world! I hope you have a great one. oddworld17801

For those of you who do not know cucciolo's work yet (and for those who do and haven't seen the newest video description), check out this link.
The feet are to die for. oddworld17801

I have always wanted to check out some of Cucciolo's videos, but I never have that kind of money, so I decided to at least buy a couple clips last night, and the reason I'm posting is to tell all of you who haven't done this that it is well worth it; I bought a clip for $5, and it's almost 40megs! The quality is fantastic, and the content is just amazing. After seeing how generous he is with letting you see about a million pics of every video on his website, and especially now that I have seen what he offers you for as little as $5, I think he is a terrific person as well as businessman.
Thank you, Cucciolo, for making it possible for everyone to enjoy and appreciate what you do! oddworld17801

Hi Carlo,
Just wanna say you're our nr.1 hero !
I've already ordered a twentysomething dvds of yours and will remain a faithful devotee !
Also wanna say how impressed I am by Mistress Fanny, she's truly a sub's dream !
Her beauty and dominance are beyond compare.
In a perfect world all men would bow down to Her in total slavery and kiss Her booted Feet !
I also think your latest work is the best and breaks new territory. Before that some videos tended to become a little bit too repetitive.
Personally I prefer the videos in which you are totally enslaved by your Mistress(es). I think it's more convincing
if it's played like it's real you know (as opposed to acting like it's all a game to you guys)
Well, I hope to see a lot of new Ms.Fanny videos (and other Mistresses) in the future. Until then, you'll remain our forever hero !
Keep up the good work ! pacino9191

Don't Worry! Spiritl .I've ordered from Cucciolo before. The videos take a bit longer because they ship internationally. I've never had to wait too long before the videos arrived. You'll get 'em, they're good guys over there!

Wow Carlo I am truly stunned by your vid. I had just gotten done over by the wife and was just spending some time relaxing at the comp and then checked out this thread and I cracked the fat again rock hard I was ready to go again after seeing the preview pics.     The Penguin

Thanks again Carlo for an outstanding contribution for us to enjoy wow I am impressed
Cheers The Penguin

I"ve been away a while and have just caught up with this thread  I must say It certainly has been worth the time I would like to say for me Carlo you have provided one of the best selection of promo pics I have encountered  .Almost all of the material exceeds my personal likes ( not into barefoot or boots). The women you present are simply outstanding I cannot say enough to complement the Women. Many thanks from the Penguin for your past and future efforts

YOUR WORK IS JUST AMAZING !!!!!!!!!! pepe3z

Cucciolopage ! I must say once again that is amazing. pepe3z

Carlo always the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!     peterek2001
!!! 50 !!! GIRLS Carlo, You International Trample Boss peterek2001
I also ordered the videos and I must admit that it is the most reliable company I've ever known. peterek2001

Bravo, Carlo31! Excellent pictures, especially the last one. Very nice. Platformsnasics

I *MUST* say that the cream-coloured high-heeled platform sandals that either Ingrid or Maud is wearing (I'm not sure which girl it is) are overwhelming. THAT is the exact style of heels I absolutely adore! Is there any possibility of seeing some larger pictures from that newest video, Trample Amnesia??
My gosh, I love those shoes.  platformsnasics

Hello Carlo!
You are the best ever. I love this series. …
Thanks again carlo.

ok she's cute , BUT Lola is da Bomb on cuc's site....after seeing her i started to believe in love on first sight ;-þsneaky

Thank Carlo
yes, very beatifull sneaker's trampling. nice girl, shoes, and socks.
It'a dream for sneaker's lover.
You're the best! Pumalover

Cucciolo finally has facesitting!!!
i suggest everyone goes and checks out the new video at . he uses the hottest girls in his trample videos and the ones in the facesitting video are great too, hopefully he makes alot more! punkrawk16

Thank you for the pics, they are as always spot on :-)
Not only must you enjoy the trampling experience itself but i bet you also get a buzz out of thinking up scenes and storie lines. Puobuk

all your pictures contain stunning women. ….puobuk

i too am now in love with mistress fanny. she is incredible! Qsfb

what a video.. that chick is hot.. i particularly loved the spitting and face sitting.. awesome. thanks for the post qsfb

Thanks for the pics of Edwige. She is looking great and I like her style of trampling.

For me the best Trample/Footworship site is: Jeez i love their work...........

I am a member from cucciolo's site, and if you're into barefeet and trampling then this site is no waste of money. Good quality pic and clips, and lots of it.... Updates are 2 times a week (tue - fri) In my opinion one of the best sites you can get, but it depends on what you like....

THANK YOU for all the great pix...especially Cucciolo's pix...Ritchie

complimenti per queste bellissime foto carlo , sei un gigante   .
le foto fatta fuori sono ottime, proprio come mi piacciono.
ciaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo riviere

…And the last thing i wanted to say was that you make a great work with your beautiful girls. If you feel good about it, then continue with it , because we´re doing great looking at your work  roman_15

11 women...11 feet on his face....very creative. Romulus

Carlo, those last pictures were amazing!
All those beautiful women.
Thanks for the massive post, I hope you have a very happy new year roscopcoltrane
Carlo, simply outstanding, dirty shoesoles and knee boots i one post, a dram come true.
Many, many thanks roscopcoltrane

I am proud to once again be in the company of such luminaries as our resident Aussie rock of trample Stryder, Cucciolo, and many others who I am hopefully not insulting by not listing here. Their work as always, remains an inspiration. …

Lola is a true Goddess. Can't get enough of her. Carlo, you rock! Russel

Is the first time I can reply your post.
Is't reason: Every time I see your girls in action,I get STUNNED ! sabado2507

Le nuove "fatiche" di Carlo
Spero che Carlino non me ne voglia se posto qualche foto dai suoi ultimi due video, del resto sono solo le anteprime e non le immagini della sezione membri... Il fatto è che gli ultimi video sono proprio belli e alcune situazioni e inquadrature mi fanno impazzire
In particolare mi piace la "foto della settimana" (un taglio insolito  ) e l'ultima della serie che allego, be' questa mi piacerebbe vederla proprio grande grande... chissà che Carlo non voglia farci una sorpresa Sabina

Thank you Carlo.
The last set is amazing!!! Sabina

Dear Carlo/Cucciolo, thank you so much!
This is definitively one of the most beautiful and generous thread ever
Great!!! Sabina

I WANT TO MEET U!!!  safari

hello boys and girls ! thanks carlo for the perfect pics i am a very big fun of your site ... thanks !

hello carlo!
you are my hero... i love your work!!! i have joined a lot of times to your page and it is super...
i want to tell you that it will be a great plesure if i come one day to france and meet you(nothing to do with trampling) i just want to meet you might be an umbilievable person....
your greek fun!!!

carlo you are amazing !!!! i see in your site your last videos and INGRID was so nice... i was a member in your site one month ago and i am gonna be again!.... safari

Carlo31 you are the best… Not only do you have the greatest, most beautiful girls, but you picture quality is awesome. Thanks    Sam's Slave

Carlo you are the greatest. Thanks for the post. Sam's Slave

Super Images, Carlo you are the best. Thanks  Sam's Slave

Carlo, thanx for some of the best pics around!!!
Desideravo fare pubblicamente i complimenti a Carlo per il materiale che mi ho ricevuto con celere professionalità e per la cortesia e gentilezza con cui ha gestito un problema indipendente dalla sua volontà.

Era solo un pubblico ringraziamento a chi ha fatto della nostra passione, uno stile di vita, con scelte importanti sotto tutti i punti di vista.
Non credo, caro Scendiletto, che Carlo abbia bisogno del mio "messaggio promozionale" dato che la sua presenza all'interno del forum é costante da moltissimo tempo e quindi é, immagino, conosciuto perfettamente da tutti i fruitori del Forum. Savoirfaire

Semplicemente fantastico! savoirfaire

Ok Carlo.....first of all let me say, I'm incredibly jealous of you and everyone who is active now getting trampled, and post on this board.
I was around when you first stated your web site, and I must say that you are one of the best.
I've purchased one video from your site, about two years ago, but it was "Stryders Deadly Dream."
Of course I did not know it was about the second time you were trampled, but you are breave to have it on video.
For me, trample has always been about bravery.
All of your girls are beautiful, and I would love to be underneath many of them, ESPECIALLY, if they were calling me horrible names in a language other than english. I too in the last few years have wanted to test my limits with a harsh trample Mistress, but, my situation is now right for that, SO, in the mean time I have to say,THANKS FOR YOUR WORK!!!
ps. Don't be surprised if you see a video order from me..... scotdenell

I just spent 4 hours watching the new "Cock Mangler" video.
First of all, let me say thank you Carlo for your SUPER-FAST 3 day delivery to the Bronx, NY.
OK! My impression of this video is that it is a D&S,(domination and submission), video, and picks up where the movie "Moonlight Wispers"
would begin, if there was a sequel, and the charaters now have become Mistress Fanny and her slave.
Mistress Fanny, speaks french, and my french is more than a little 'rusty', but I could understand her clearly some of the time, as she speaks louldly and clearly all of the time while she points to her slave when she makes her demands.
I personally think that there should be another word to describe Mistress Fanny and ALL women like her other than just BEAUTIFUL!
At her young age, she demostrates skills as a Mistress that would probably take normal women years and years to aquire, she completely understands the psychology of D&S.
This video is about her pleasure, as she takes her slave though his paces after he fails to be a good dog.
She tries him out as a seat as she face sits him at one point, at one point she tries him out as an ash tray,(yes Mistress smokes for those of us with a smoking fetish), she rides him, trying him out as a horse. She tries him out as a personal shoe cleaner with his mouth. Oh boy, a Mistress's work is never done, and good help is hard to find....hehehehehehhe
BUT. the main thing about this video I think, is she not only wants a good dog, but want's to push him past the point of his deepest fetish desires.
This is where the 'cock-mangling' comes in.
What better way is there to completly "break" a slave. and take them to a new level of servitude than to separate them from their manhood, and Mistress Fanny's heels are only "tool's" to do this. I own 100s of hours of trample video, but this is the ONLY video, and the first one I have where the Mistress uses BOTH of her heels to crush a slaves balls at the same time, MARCHING on them!!
To those of us who watch this video, and come to the realization that Mistress Fanny could care less what happens underneath her heels, we enter another world that could easily cause a "fetish heart-attack", AND we must decide, and answer the question within ourselves', if it's really underneath her where we want to be? That's right, there is no BS here, and Mistress Fanny would not tolerate it.
Mistress Fanny establish'es an intimate relationship with her slave that is uncommon in most trample videos, I think.
This video raises the bar, in my opinion, and is a long way from where this board was 7 years ago, when it was on Delphi,
AND THERE WAS NOT ONE CbT picture on the board.
There was no blood or penatration in this video, but it's just a matter of time now before someone here makes a cock mutilation video.
The DVD video quality is "CRYSTAL-CLEAR", and the slow-motion scenes, when you play the video this way, will take your "fetish-breath" away!!!
Thank you Mistress Fanny.....I WILL BE WATCHING THIS VIDEO OVER AND OVER........  scotdenell

I was just voicing a vote for us stocking/nylon/hose lovers!
But Cucciolo, keep up the great work. I am a fan and have bought two videos so far (stocking content of course)! Septamius

Carlo, do you have a F#@KING Goddess tree in your backyard or what!!! Where do you grow ~all~ these beautiful Women???
I want some seeds...SHEESH!
Hats off   serveHER

what 50 Women really mean, has anybody ever thought about it ??
it means..
50 x 2 .... beautiful and lickable bare legs
50 x 2 ......adorable and suckable heels ( add shoe heels too and u r in heaven )
50 x 2 .........perfect arches to be kissed
50 x 10....... yummy toes to be sucked
50 x ??? least 2500 Kgs. to crush you violently like a bug
countless beautiful , very deep, pain givin', long lastin' imprints as a reward of being under those gorgeous women
How can you expect me to imagine to be under 50 different women while and I couldn't even imagine the foot odour in that room, ohh man, it must've been sooo fuckin' perfect..
Hey, Carlo you r livin' in a world, which some of us could only dream of it..and even that isn't that perfect as your real life..You are really truly lucky..I wish I had at least 20% of your luck, or LOLA would be adequate      eheheh Send me a shoe of her via cargo..Only one would be enough,and right one is preferable  ( No need to be greedy   )
Sevgiler & Saygilar Turkiye........

Wow,that is toooo much to handle. Sexysteps

I've got that video and all I can say is the preview pictures hardly do it justice at all. The video's great and is well worth the price.
Excellent is probably the best word to describe it! Shoepete

Carlo, very nice pics. Just want to say I've been a member of your site a few times, and will time and time again. You have the most output, for my input. Meaning the site is well worth the money I pay for it. I'm really a barefoot guy, and more into worship, although I very much enjoy trample also. Your site has something for everyone. Your contributions to this board are fabulous also. I guess I'm just writing this to say Thank You, and I know what you do is not all fun and games, and a life of luxery. But, I would still love to be you.  I have loads of your pictures stored on my hardrive. Your site is bar none.
The best that I have joined and I have joined many.
Again, Thanks Carlo, for you contributions to the community my friend.

Carlo, it's a pleasure to join your thread. Just giving an estimated opinion on your site. It's huge! With a lot of quality pictures and videos in it.
I've actually been here, just being quiet and admiring your work. You guys, are what makes this community great. It's a real priveledge to be a part of it. Thanks my friend

Gotta agree with Kenrug. Cucciolo's site is 'fantastic'. They've got barefoot and shoes, and plenty of each. Also, for those into facesitting, he's just started making these types of pics and movies. There's enough content to keep you busy for long and long.

ps. I'm posting some of his content on my threads 'worship and trample .....' So if you'd like a little preview of what he's got. But keep in mind I only do barefoot, he's got just as many in heels. Sinbad

Carlo, I concur with what the other guys say. No words can descibe one excellent picture after another of those beautiful young ladies walking on you. Where on earth do you find that continuous supply of girls who like putting their feet on you? Thank you 1000 times for your generousity. Slaveinal

Incredible, breathtaking to see. Slaveinal

Carlo. These are among the best pictures ever ! Please tell the ladies that I adore them. The pictures of them trampling outdoors with muddy heels are great. I would LOVE that job. Slaveinal

I really enjoyed the exercise routine and the mirror provided for some great both-sides of the action !! Very Nice!
Always impressed!!!!!!
ThankYou so very much!  slengteng

ThankYou for keeping this thread alive!! Always Awesome! And getting back to you and 50 girls... Beyond Belief! Only you, so fantastic! Slengteng

Carlo, Happy New Year!
Thank you for the recent fotos, going back to the Goddess that has your hand pinned beneath her chair!!
It's wonderful to see her sit there with such indifference to your agony... and mind-blowing when she stands up on the chair!!!
Oh the beautiful women and the variety of themes
I wish you the very best in 2004 !!! slengteng

Thanks Carlo!!!
I enjoyed those fabulous boot fotos, such an attractive model
Have a good night and again Thanks! Slengteng

Dare I say... "Thread of the Year"?
Thankyou Carlo so much for a dizzying display!!! From the beginning until now... I can't even choose a favorite, hell I can't even catch my breath!
So Grateful!
You have a future member here, Thanks for your generosity!
-if I had to choose a favorite, it might be those great muddy heels outside!  slengteng

Cucciolo does produce fantastic videos......I`m interested in Carlo expanding into facesitting also.
As Chairboy said (Make it full weight  ) smotherman

Hey carlo,
You get trampled by the most beautiful women i have seen on the net. i Admire ur work a lot ,you really seem to enjoy what you are doing.
For me you are in the hall of fame for a long time already .
cheers Bro !
p.s. i'm still in love with Lola   sneaky

DAMM THAT looks awsome....i am going to order it now!!! softrug-uk
cucciolo you are the MAN!!!
No one lies down and takes a beating like you do! Thanx for sharing the pain
keep it up bro thesolemuncher

Thanks for the new pictures. I've been a member of your site for a long time and have bought many videos, it is the best site on the net and the girls are gorgeous.
Thanx. Spiked76

La classe non è acqua.
permetta una domanda, maestro:
ho notato il tacco triangolare dello stivale della signorina in questione... secondo la mia (poca) esperienza, un full weight sul torace con quello ti distrugge..... ho ragione?
translation (hope it's correct)
Class is not water.
Master, please answer this:
i noticed the triangle shape of the boot spike heel... i suppose that a full weight chest trample with this, is really painful.
Can you agree? Spiritl

in delirium [tremens  ] per questo thread!!! spiritl

Thanks Carlo! I have loved Margo since the first day she trampled you, the perfect beauty! She really is a dream. An angel with the devil inside But what a nice devil she is!  Spud

These are great pics. I think Cucciolo must get trampled more often by more women than anyone I have ever seen. Standonme

Yep, Cucciolo is da best!....there used to be so many cool sites with a good mix of members and free stuff. Free stuff definately keep checking back for updates and eventually find something cool that you've just GOT to buy! There's other sites that have neglected this...I check them occasionally but they just have the same old shite that we've seen 1000 times.
Take our advice Tramle hosts....keep it fresh and varied and you'll get our support steelballs

Carlo ... thanks again for great pics! Steelspiked

really great pics in this thread .... thx, Carlo steelspiked

Hi Waff,Heelz,Stryder and Helen,
I love your stuff. It is 100% professional and 100% genuine.
You four are the best picture makers on here. Only Cucciolo matches your standards. I for one don't want to loose access to that stuff, nor do I want to miss it because it is tucked away at the end of a long post. Ste Letto

Hi Carlo,
you have no idea how much I envy you for being in the positions you find yourself in. To be regularly trampled by so many incredibly good looking women in so many imaginative ways in such incredibly sexy clothes, is my dream come true. I would sell my soul to the devil to live the life you live.
Thanks for sharing so many awesome pics.
Happy 2004. Ste Letto

Crazy trampling video
I know most of you would know already but for those who don't, you should check this out. It's the most outrageous thing I've ever seen. It may not be perfect but it is definitely historic. Let me be the first to congratulate him.

Dear Carlo,
I've been a member of your site and must have bought at least ten of your videos. Few would disagree when I say your models are the most beautiful on the net. Your work is beyond reproach and you need not have to defend yourself in any way.
Just like any performer, your fans sometimes want you to do this, or do that, but it is just a request you know, something like asking Celine Dion to sing your favourite song or Seinfeld to tell your favourite joke. When you do our request, we are delighted. When you do not, we wait and hope you might do it it in the future. We know your work is dangerous so do not overstep your boundary and get injured (as I sometimes fear you might). For if you were to stop producing your videos, the world would definitely be a duller place.

nice post!!!love those pics,also Cucciolio and Daves pics are always great!!!thanks for sharing with us  stomp on me

Actually I dont think I have given any feedback at all on the video yet as I was going to wait for the right moment and until I had the right is a vid I will probably purchase myself and as I dont really buy many vids that should speak volumes.
Your vid is amazing mate logistically speaking it must have been an nightmare and really expensive to organise but I know you have been planning something like this for years so all credit to you for finally making it come together. I love multiple trample to as you well know and have been under 50 or more in one night etc but I still think they get in each others way and of course no one can have 50 or even more than about 10 in heels at once unless they are 50 feet tall
It is amazing to see such a little guy surrounding by all the gals. But unlike some of my situations with many many women you did not have one unattractive girl in all those that you went to the trouble to organise they are all gorgeous and some of the heels were spectactular. Maybe we are not so different as you know what I let the girls do to me is sometimes really crazy and with one girl who is committed to doing the things I like really is better than many who are not sure of themselves. I guarantee if you were to experience Marina or even Helen just doing it the way they do it to me one will be enough for your smaller frame
Hey I dont want to defend myself against 1 or 100 girls unless they were truly crazy and seriously trying to kill me or hurt my friends or family otherwise they have me at their mercy and I love it mate as you know.
You truly pulled off a great effort in the trample world with the 50 girl video and whilst I dont think you have any competition in that area even if you did it would take some beating. About the lack of feedback...yes it is disappointing but I have not come to expect anything more and I guess you have not either.
Another little joke with you mate.....the pictures of from the video still show you looking so sad, worried and in misery when you should be the happiest little trample fool on earth surrounded by a heaven of beautiful trample babes.....  We know you love it so smile now and then mate you deserve it. (LOL)
Oh and I was really speaking about my own multiple experiences when I said that I still prefer one girl for intensity not comparing it with your vid as I try not to make comparisons because a comparison can only be of assistance to the one who makes it dont you think....??? I would have loved to have been there and would have gone ape shit under all those beautiful heels so enjoy the glory it was a great effort. Stryder

Right on point. I am certain large popular site owners like Carlo and other smaller site owers and beginners like yours truly really know that the quality and quantity of the output it intimately tied up with the the support of our members and friends who like the material enough to buy a video, a clip or join a site to give it a chance. Everyone says how great Carlo's work is and a few say the same about our material but the credit really goes to the members and customers first for making it possible then the lovely ladies and then the guys or gals who create the ideas and go to the hard work of producing the material. It is not always a walk in the park and it is often hard tiring and sometimes dangerous work. None of us could afford to produce material just for our own pleasure unless we had the microsoft budget so the output is as good as the input.
Of course it makes it better that people like Carlo and some notable others are truly into the scene and that came before any desire to start a site.
The desire to show that material to a larger audience within the trample and foot fetish community is usually the motivation for starting a site not the need to make a so called fortune.
I can see Carlo is keen to go bigger and better each time I know I try to push myself further each time and it is two fold.
1. It is to reach your personal best
2. You want to share this journey with friends and supporters who perhaps cannot or do not have the chance to actually physically share it so you try to provide the next best thing.
BUT...underlying this is the recognition that it is only made possible by those same people you are trying to impress and please with your material so the whole thing is really circular. Sometimes just a thank you is enough but there always has to be some form of give and take and take and give....take take take or give give give can never work in isolation even though some folks think it can and live their whole life this way.
Take take attitude hurts others and give give eventually hurts the giver regardless of the situation or relationship.
If a giver ends up involved with a taker they give all they can and it is never enough for the taker....shit I have been there.
There are many other sites and some of them constantly promote themselves here (and even copy other ideas because they are not into the scene) that think "wow thats a good way to make money without getting the models to do nude work" the guys (and it is usually a guy) are not really into trample or foot worship
(AND IT SHOWS) and everything looks so posed, fake and pretty.
I have always said a if you want trample you dont want to see someone just standing on a guy smiling with the heels not even touching his skin or with him fully clothed so you cant tell. YOu dont want someone to advertise face trample and see a seated girl or the side of the head only. Some sites are just those who have been semi porn sites and have some really gorgeous gals but then they think capturing the foot fetish crowd is another way to grab money and they do it but in my opinion not convincingly.
That is why this is a great place because you would hope that most people truly into the scene can tell the difference and that is why real people like Carlo are so popular because the material deals with what the real people in the scene want to see not what some porn site owner thinks foot fetish people and trample folk want to see.
So when something great is produced it is a big way of saying THANK YOU for the support and here is what that support has provided.
So many people think that running a site is a huge rip off and it is only to make money. That might have been true back when the internet first started for those who did it first now there is a lot of competition and as Ken said not all of them are reputable. I could not believe joining a site once to see so much of my own material that I had been posting for years free displayed shamelessly in the members section. Large successful sites like Carlos of course make money but when you realise that so much goes back into paying models (50 girls dont come cheap) often paying for outfits, shoes, locations etc etc, running costs, fees for host sites and merchant sites for vid sales etc it would cut into even the larger budget sites. The smaller sites might make some pocket money but it mostly goes back into the site so that the site can keep producing good material and hopefully win some more supporters to do bigger and better.
As Ken said that is why password trading and hacking is rude at one end of the scale and just plain theft at the other. If there were no members or a site had to close through hackers etc then the material would stop and isnt that just counterproductive? When someone orders a bulk order of videos you hope they are honest and when you get a bulk order in a format that you know that country does not use you wonder what the hell is that all about and whether they are being on sold and illegally distributed. so we rely upon our true friends around to the world to let us know about any type of behaviour of this kind they find. Stryder

That was well explained Carlo my friend. Now hopefully people will have it from both sides of the real trample scene they have it from the way I see it and the way you see it and whilst both are different they are equal in the result real trample by girls who dont mind hurting a man underfoot whether it is for the sake of seeing how cruel they can be as in your scenario and in how much they can enjoy themselves and the response they get from someone who loves what they are doing like in my situation.
Having been under the feet of your wonderful girls I know only too well how real it was and it was more real for me because I was truly suffering rather than receiving the pleasure I get doing it my way (although Stryder's Deadly Dream came close to the way I like it and it was as everyone can see really intense).
It drives me nuts that people dont understand that everyone has their own likes and dislikes and reasons for allowing these angels to treat us this way. It drives me even crazier that people continually want to compare people and what and how they do things. With you and I it is like the opposite ends of the magnet in terms of how we do things and why. You are rare for the opportunities you have and your lifestyle and what you provide for the community and that is why you are a popular representative of the trample lifestyle because that is your lifestyle. I would like to think I do the same thing but in a slightly different way. Meeting you was interesting because I had never met another person as into trample as myself regardless of the differences in the way we prefer things.
So mate even though we are both opposite ends of the magnet in this regard as you know both ends of the magnet still do the same thing when it comes to serving its purpose.
My references to trample that is not real or posed or contrived has never or will never refer to you or your site I would not have come to meet you if I thought that. It refers to other sites that you and I have both seen in our research and study into our fetish over the years...I am sure you know that but just in case you were unsure you have my support for your continued success.
You are right the girls that I know dont like to cause blood or injury but and it does NOT turn them on but the trample itself does the injuries are just a coincidence usually and not deliberately attempted. But as you know when you do it for real you cannot help these marks and injuries and when you are really at one with the girl or girls for me the pain is not really there which is why you like what I appear to be able to take. Helen and Kerry particularly hate it when they think I am injured or hurt.
It is really hard sometimes putting all this into words I am sure you find it so as well at times but I want those here who dont know what we are both talking about to understand that the differences between us still result in the same output and material but obtained by different applications of the same basic theme.  Stryder

Carlo thank you for the dedication. Helen and I are so glad that Stryder's Deadly Dream and High Heeled Execution are selling so well I must be still doing something right.
You the girls and I worked really hard on each of them and I am sure when people see them they would agree that the videos are indeed unique and worth adding to any collection...I suppose one day I will be too old for all that massive and dangerous trample and I will have to retire let someone else take my are already there so it may as well be you
Some of your new girls are beautiful and I am glad that the girls that met me enjoyed experiencing things the way I do them it was a great experience despite the danger and hard work....boy that beautiful steel heel and my nearly missing eye......
Thank you for the words of encouragement for our site. We have a lot to live up to to match how popular Cucciolopage is but if we can even be half as successful we will be able to do some great things for the community too. I think the two sites will both offer things that many others do not and the differences from France to Australia will keep everyone interested and if we both keep trying to provide great material in a healthy spirit of competition then the community and particularly the members of each site can only benefit.
Take care Stryder

What a beautiful stuff!!!! I can only thank you for your posts! (I have to imagin how it's painful that way of being trampled!!) Sundio

facestanding info
Hi guys i think i've joined many trampling web-sites and i love barefoot facestanding incredibly.
The best i found i think is cucciolo about video clips and pictures.Im looking for another web site full of this kind of material because today i will make a joining somewhere
Someone can give me a good idea??
tx a lot and have a nice week end supercantina

About facestanding stuffs ,pics and video Cucciolo web site is the BEST
take care and tx guys .supercantina

Votazione Sito dell'anno
adoro il facestanding...percio' esiste solo
anche eprche' li ho girati tutti .supercantina

Very nice. I guess I'm about to the point where I'm going to have to join Cucciolo's site. Thanks tbone
There's something about Lola. What a friend you have there, Carlo. Thanks for her wonderful pic. If it's appropriate, please pass along our appreciation.

I agree with mem; I too want to thank you for your continuing efforts. Without making comparisons because you all are doing something different and at the risk of stating the obvious, no one does it quite the way you do, Carlo. I just wanted to put my 2 euros in and say thanks also.

Really nice, Carlo. I love the last image with all her weight on that one heel buried in his chest.  To let her do that and and love her doing that; now that's worship!

… As before, we really appreciate your suffering like that for us.
An admiring Tbone

Thanks again Carlo for answering my questions; I won't belong to many sites and your generosity is definitely part of why I'm joining yours. You are definitely "da man."

Holy shit thats awesome!! My regards to the late Carlos! LOL! Looks like he got beat to death underneath all those feet. Techbot

I've always loved Cuccilio's site...BTW, how DO you pronounce that?   techbot

I personally almost past out when i saw that she had made a car crush video with cucciolo i would pay her anything she asked to play with me thetekhead

…..i love the tramplings here in charlotte NC USA
When you say mass trampling, would it be kinda like the stampede tramples seen on Cucciolo's DVD? That was soooo Hot!!

I LOVE multi-tramples; I love seeing the guy trampled flat and suffering. There is so much gouging(stilettos) during multi-tramples and of course the guy has to struggle to breathe after a while. I love it so much! I love those the best.
Two people trampling barely qualifies as multi-trample; but it is ok. I like a multi-trample that could be considered a gang trample :-)
Cucciolo really knows what multi-tramples are :-) I like his a stampeding crowd.

in my opinion those are very great facestanding pics
From cucciolopage. Tnt

These pics are fabulous Carlo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomi
This is kinda crazy.................But how beautiful!!!!
I like the girl's boots on the picture where they all have shoes on....
Continue your good work and thanks for sharing!!

Carlo is a GOD!!!!!!!  Yes its amazing, and as I wrote on Femdom scandinavia yesterday, this movie is already being famous and it looks incredible.  Trail

Wonderful are a man after my own heart....I love heavy trample and when i saw the photos of the quad trample with the girls sitting on the shoulders, i almost passed out. Do you think you could do the same with one foot on your stomach? Using 2 girls.
Also, what is the average weight of the girls?
 Keep up the good work.

"The art of trampling"
Segnalo ufficialmente il mio apprezzamento per la realizzazione di un video para-didattico per trampolatrici in erba da parte del Cucciolone nazionale. Trampledflat

Throat Standing
I know there are many different forms of trample and I for one love them all, but I have to say that there is nothing better than looking up at a girl while she stands on my throat. Here is one of my favorite pics from .TrampledShyGuy

he is lucky, he gets the meanest prettiest models!!! trampletime1969

For me...
Just the best pictures on this board !!!!!!!!!!
Please, more ...
Greetingz from Poland

Thanks for this fotos. Lola is the greatest girl from cucciolo page. Thanks! one more time. Traszka

Carlo ........ u r the best.......thanks... traszka

I almost never post pics from another website, but this HAS to be a classic!  It's from
Carlo, you guys at Cucciolo are as we say in Arizona "TRES MAGNIFIQUE !!"  Tread

hi carlo
fantastic pics and what a great site, carcrush and hand finger feet crush in your vids are great
keep up the good work

Carlo …Thank You
The outdoor pics are fantastic all the mud & crap on the shoes. When will this video be available?
I must have a copy   ukbootboy

Yep they are from the great cucciolo site they make brilliant stuff  UnderGirlsHeels

Yep cucciolo site i think is the best trample site on the net, i like that Gerri she can trample my face with BZ heels on anytime UnderGirlsHeels


hi Carlo I bought your clip is so wonderfull but I want to know if u will make others clips like it.
Fanny is a wonderfull mistress tell her my compliment.

I'M SPEECHLESS!!!!!!!!!!

Bonjour et Bravo...
Nouveau venus, je suis époustouflé par la beauté des modèles, l'intérêt des poses, la recherche des tenues, le format des images... encore mille fois bravo et merci.
Cela me semble une très bonne idée de publier une série consacrée à chacun de tes modèles, avec une similitude de présentation parfaite (seule habillée en talons très fins, puis sur toi, les marques qu'elles t'ont laissé manquerait une vue POV peut-être). c'est une façon pour nous de les connaitre, de mieux les aimer, de rechercher pour l'une ou l'autre, toutes leurs videos. ces dernières existent-elles en DVD ?
Il est interessant aussi d'avoir leur date de naissance, leur taille, poids (et surtout ne pas oublier pour les fétichistes comme nous) la pointure.

Thanx Carlo,
Keep up the excellent work, and THANK YOU for sharing with us.

They are simply fantastic !

Bravo Carlo, fa sempre piacere vederti (sotto a tutto quel ben di dio)   Yob8

That last pic of yours almost made me swallow my own tounge!  I'd drop to my knees and worship her heels...and then her feet. Googily moogily.
Very nice, indeed. Thanks for all your pictures, Carlo.

Lola is so fucking perfect      I'm madly in love with here Wee
Lola is a Goddess & should have won the contest hands down.........Look at her perfect face.........The thought of having something so perfect stepping on my body is unimaginable.....................I Love You Lola, Wee.

I love this thread... the most awesome pictures from all net... the beautiful girls, the sexiest shoes, the sensation that the girls really don't care about hurting you... Thanks so much! woohoo

Classic Cucciolo
Posted a couple of clips from Cucciolo's site. If my memory serves me right, these are circa 2001. I've always been fond of them.
Hope you enjoy these clips. Zoko

Great photos.. thanks for posting them. I've always enjoyed your site.. I will have to join again. The webmaster is great too... I accessed and downloaded a lot of stuff from two different Internet accounts, and their 'anti-theft' software blocked me, but after a quick letter to the webmaster, it was restored very promptly.
Thanks! Zoko

Great stuff Carlo. I'm going to have to join cucciolopage again. I have a crush on Feriel. whew.. Zoko

hi dear Carlo !
indeed.classy videos and offcourse well serving the trample fetish.but it would even be better to add domination theme to it and also try to make a series on dirty feet slavery in detail,with say fanny harm to her offcourse.well we know one thing only u can make dreams cum true.a lot others around the globe can only dream.
or it would be better to request the high I.Q. mistress Fanny herself,as to create a few videos on these lines,as i am sure her devilish mind will churn out sizzling humilations to cater for this particular area of footfetishim. and unfortunately this special area has always been neglected w.r.t. trampling,cbt love if mistress Fanny get to read this post! anyway nice work already in progress, and we all wish u the very best! Zxcvb

Please visit her site at

Mistress Scarlet The Whipper

The really Famous Italian Mistress

"Scarlet The Whipper"meets CuccioloPage to shoot a few videos.