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Below you can read  a little extract from the hundreds and hundreds of e-mails we receive every week. That's what most people and customers think about us....We really want to thanks them all for their great feedback and appreciation of our work!!!!!!!!


Cucciolo's Team

i love your site, it`s great, thank you very much, alex

caro Carlo,
.... sono stato abbonato al tuo sito... e devo farti i miei complimenti...anche se penso che ormai ne avrai ricevuti tantissimi.

Love your web page

Dear order stuff,
I found your website in last year and I love it.

I’m Ania From Belgium….
I saw jour site and I’m very impressed.
We’ve got a new fetish site and maybe it’s possible to change our banners and/ or photo’s ……….
Many thanks and big kisses ,

Dear Sir, thank you, I have now received my order. And the movies are great, Cucciolo is a funny guy, Best Regards Antonio

Hello !!!
 ... I just found your site, and it's GREAT !!!
 I was wondering if #14 - French Trample Connection was available on DVD .....
 Again, congrats on a great site, and looking forward to ordering some DVDs !!!
 Take care, B

dear cucciolo
firstly i just want to say that the site is great deffinatly the best on the net.
my favorate girl is mistress fanny shes so beautiful and cruel. bazz

….great site!  thanks, bk
P.S Great vid collection
thank you
BigBlade (alan)

Dears Sirs-  Am interested in your video, 50 girl trample. I live in California, United States of America.  Great site, love your content.  Take care,  Bill

Love your website

….I am a member of your site since a long time. And i want to say, you do a great job !
...By the way, your website is a great one, the quality of the pictures and
videos is fine and the service of delivering videos is good..
And today i know, that the service of finding a solution of member- problems is good,
too :-)))
So, in my eyes, there is no reason to be not satisfied.
Keep on the good work !

….it is a great site and I would like to return as soon as I get a new job, Have a Good Night. CAG00

Hello. (sorry, my english is not good)
I like it very much your cucciolo page. Margo is my favorite girl, her toes are very good.
Im from Guadalajara in México.... but here nobody has a page like you
See you
You have a great site.

As a long standing member I wanted to tell u folks that the main 2 things that make this site worth the $ are the great content and the fact that you regularly update. The girls on this site are incredible and I for one would LOVE some more shoe play/dangling/dipping/worship type pictures! I'm even considering purchasing a custom of the above. Keep up the great work!

Thank you for your great site…..

I'd love toi order some of your trampling videos!! Great site……….

Dear Cucciolo,
First let me say you have a terrific website and an amazing variety of trample videos.
They truly inspire me so much in so many ways….
Best regards,
Chris T.

Hello Cucciolo,
I'm a fan of your site from Turkey. You & the ladies are great. …..

Hi Cucciolo,
I am writing to congratulate you guys for your good work, and I would like to espacially thank you for your last movie with Margo! This is exaclty what I have been looking for many years, the head standing is PERFECT!!! All the ingredients were gathered to make it a good movie: a beautiful girl with perfect feet, a focus on the head standing with barefeet, the head upturned, closed up pics...
Thank you again!!!!!!!!! God you make us dream! Other girls have very good skills for the head standing positions, such as Virginie, Laeticia and Angélique. They are not only good looking but also they trample the way I like, and seem very comfortable when they do it. It would be cool if your customers could vote for their favorite girls! In the past I have signed in as a member and I have never faced any problems with you. I know now that you guys are the best, and I have decided to maintain my membership as long as I could with you. It is my way to say thank you.
You have foot fantasies, you make it a business and you share it with all the foot lovers.
I have no problem giving money to people who perform such a good and professional work….

Subject: Car Bashing Video
Thanks so much for making that video. The pics are great. …. Thanks again.Dan
Greetz Danny
PS: Your site is awesome!!!

BTW, great work!

…Thanks in advance for your answer,and for the really great site you are keeping such a long time leading on the net.

I wrote from Turkey.You have a great site when we considering the quality, creativity, aesthetics,
models, professionality, etc... I must congratulate and thank you for what you've  done!
Best regards,

your site is great ….
slave eddie

hey, i love your site, and happy to receive a message from you.
I have been visiting your site for a while, and the videos look great!!!
Hope all is well for you my friend, erik
….This site is very good and keep it up.
A Fan

I wish you and your beautifull models a very good year.
Bon travail.A bientôt.

Just wanted to drop a note and say what an enjoyable trample site you have.
Much like myself, it seems you truly enjoy all types of stomach trampling, including the more crazier stuff such as bouncing, hopping, stomping and even some jumping…. Happy trampling and let go hard on your stomach!!!

bonjour a toute l equipe et bravo pour votre site genial....

I really enjoy  your site you have many beautiful women better than any USA site, it almost makes me want to move to france or italy! ………….

 I just found your site and it looks great! I see that you offer custom videos and was wondering if you would be able to do a custom photo set with two models? Thank you for your time.

Hi there In France !
I am a new member of your side, and I am impressed! (surley you heard that a lot of times) My name is Gainni and im am writing from Germany.
I have one question: How do you got all this super girls for this hot tramplingaction ???…..
 I would be glad for a answer from Carlo & Team.

Your site is great….....  keep up the good work..

I am a long time member and love the site and will join again when I can
Thanks Gary

hello cucciolo team,thank you for your help.
 i recieved the video last week and i am enjoying it.
again, i appreiciate your help and wanted to say ; great website ! keep it going !
best regards,george
love your work!!!

Subject: video 173 great job
Lateicia looks great in "173" and it's about time he showed some wear. all those girls over the years and no marks?   only wish he could have taken it on the face under her feet because she looks like she would have no problem really squashing his nose and marking up his face!  She really look amazing in shoes and out. what a girl & where can I find one just like her. Thanks & take care Greg

Hi, I found your website and it is fantastic. You are definately the best I have seen on the net. Where do you get those beautiful girls?

Hi cucciolopage.
Great site, great videos!

Hi, I've only recently seen your site after it was mentioned on the website in the uk. I'm very impressed so far, and have just ordered 3 dvd's. I realise trampling is your main business but can i suggest if you were to do more ballbusting/ ball kicking videos with the quality of women you employ….. I see your latest dvd cock mangler is heading down this path but how about 2 or 3 girls ballbusting, kicking a guy. I'd buy that! Regards Kieran from the UK

I just placed order # 48186 for 5 videos that will be shipped to New York State here in the U.S.
I look forward to receiving my order and thanks so much for having such a great sale as you have…..
Thank you again for your help with this...and a big THANKS for your great website and your video sale.
Best regards,

Dear Cucciolo´s Team,
so I received video. I must thanx you for this GREAT Work. That´s amazing.
It´s perfect, to see Queen Lola with her unbelievable feet / I think her feet-size is 8, isn´t it?/ to jump on Slave´s Head and worshipping her
socked feet is truly Great! Once again, thanx for this piece of Art and greeting goes to Her Highness, Queen Lola, of course. Kiss to Her Goddess
Best regards

Hi Cucciolo!
Great site!  i love it ….Thanks, Jason

Would you like to give
this message to Fanny.
Congretulate to you,

I think you have the BEST selection of videos I have ever seen!

Votre site est vraiment génial et je le regarde tous les jours !!

…..Great site Thanks Jimmy

hi guys,
You do some great work! I love trampling and you have some of the finest ladies that do it .Once again, great job guys and good luck with your sales!

Hey man,
 i really enjoy your site…..

sorry my english is bad! You have wonderful Videofilms. Yours faithfully

Hi All ... Love your site questions please thanks :)  I have purchased videos before - love 'em!
Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!  ;D

Hi cucciolo' my name is john, and I visit your site 4 times a day. I love this multi tramlping action. Me and a world of people would like to know when are you going to do a extreme multi smothering site. there are known in the web period with 9 or more multi smothering.please consider and I'll be the first to sign up. thank you for your time....john

Bravo pour votre site superbe.

Hi.I just found your website some days ago and is fabuluos, I really like it.Is perfect…..
Thank you.

Its great to see your first facesitting video and that its done in true extreme style :)  I personally prefer this sort of action and would like to see it more in your coming releases.  Surely Cucciolopage cant shy away from making the vid with the most girls sitting on a guy ever?  I know the site was founded on trampling, but sitting can crush just as well.  Most of your models have gorgeous behinds, put them to good use :)
Also, the latest amateur vid is excellent.  The fact that its amateur makes it feel more 'real' and that it could be you under those lovely friendly ladies.
More of the same please!

Salut Carlo,
 Fidèle admirateur de ton site et acheteur de tes dvd……..
Félicitations en tout cas pour les derniers dvd que tu m'as envoyé c'est carrément génial.
A bientôt

Super site ! j ai deja ete menbre je voudrais t acheter un dou deux dvd ……..

Su tre mail non sapevo dove scriverti,spero di averla azzecata,volevo ringraziarti per la pazienza dimostrata nei mie confronti.………
saluti e ringraziamenti a te' e tutto il tuo staff e di nuovo complimenti per il sito che ora con tutto quello che offre è davvero magnifico sono i miglor soldi mai spesi nella mia vita... grazie di nuovo e saluti

Firsti of all, I want to apologise cause of my bad english, I'm Igor, 29, from Zagreb,Croatia
I really like your site, I think it's really the best on the web dealing with trampling and footworship.

Hi guys!!!…..
You're great!
Italian Nylon Lovers

Caro Cucciolo,
potrei passare delle ore ad elogiarti per i tuoi fantastici video e per le
tue incredibili modelle………

Ciao!! Mi chiamo ivan, ho 19 anni e sono un frequentatore assiduo del vostro sito... …
Ora vi saluto, facendovi i miei complimenti per il lavoro che svolgete, CuccioloPage è davvero il miglior sito sull'argomento "trampling"!!!
Ciao da Ivan

dear cucciolo
i am so interest about your site its so great and hard ….

Hi, Love your site but I really love seeing women in high heels kicking a guy in the penis over and over. Is there a chance Cucciolo will ever do this on video? He really seems to be able to handle a lot so I think this would be a great video. Just hoping. Thanks, Larry

Hello the team !
So great, so intense are your movies and pics ! Happy new year everybody,
girls and boys !…….
Thanks for your jobs and go on !
All your ideas, movies, pics, are source of inspiration for me and my
wife, ... to do the same !
Laurent (Paris)

Un grande ciao a tutto lo staff di! Mi chiamo loris e sono un ragazzo italiano di 27 anni. Da qualche tempo seguo il vostro sito e devo farvi i miei complimenti perchè è davvero grande.
Le ragazze sono tutte stupende e cucciolo è davvero l'uomo più fortunato del mondo.
Quello che lui fa nei vostri video è il mio sogno erotico più grande …..
Ciao Ciao

I love your site! Luca

Love your work. Luis

Subject: Mistress fury 4
Wow, she looks great as always...thanks for the free pic's.
take care

Hi! I have just joined as a member! I liked very much....
Keep up the excellent work!

I want to join your wonderful site again. How can I do this???

A time ago I ordered your video "42 degrees"
I like it very much!! Thanks!
I discovered I specially like the part where the girls destroy the car by jumping and trampling it.
My compliments on your video's and the beautiful girls!
Kind greetings

hi man!
i´m from vienna, and want to like to order some films…..
i´d like them so bad!
best wishes from austria

Una mail dal mio mito......
è come se Robbie Williams scrivesse a mia cugina 14enne.
Il mio mito che mi ha scritto nella pia piccola insignificante e-mail privata......
oggi deve proprio essere la mia giornata fortunata. Tu non puoi credere Quanto Carlo mi abbia aiutato sapere che non sono il solo al mondo con la passione per il trampling....... Casualmente il tuo sito è stato il primo che ho trovato quando la curiosità di sapere se ero l'unico o no è stata più forte di me e così ho cercato su internet ed ho trovato Cucciolopage. Non puoi credere il sollievo che ho provato quando mi sono accorto che non ero il solo anzi da li ho conosciuto tutto il resto
cmq.....….. sono davvero felice di averti sentito spero che mi perdonerai per la mancanza di punteggiatura o se c'è è totalmente sbagliata.......e per la ripetività di alcune frasi ma sono troppo emozionato...per te le due righe che mi hai mandato sono niente ma non puoi sapere quanto significhino per me.....spero che trovi il tempo per leggere le mie due righe e per magari scrivermene altre due  Rinnovo  la mia  devota ammirazione sperando di continuare a vivere il sogno (e non esagero) che il mio mito mi scriva qualche pensiero e qualche parola per me anche se come posso solo lontanamente immaginare avrai milioni,miliardi di impegni.........
Un saluto Sincero Massimo.

hello all at cucciolo
just a quick message to say keep up the good work one the best sites on the net
matt (blackpool)

I purchased 2 videos about 2 months ago and was well pleased

Hi there,
WHat an amazing website! The only suggestion I can think of is putting a
few video clips of foot worship from the video The Spanish Lesson wtih
Rebecca where she makes cucciolo deep throat her foot!!!!!!!!! WOW.....Iam
interested in buying the video but am curious to see how long the
footworship lasts on it. Thanx very much for your time and keep up the
great work!

Hi Team of the Page :-)
well, i am a big Fan of your Site, and i like the movies. …..

Hello guys,
..Very great pics. Go on in the same way.

Subject: my first Contact with the master of Trampling
Hi Cucciolo!
My name is michael and i am one of the biggest fans of your site!
To me you live a life like in paradise with sooo many beautiful girls who dont care what they are doing while they trample you flat.What kind of feeling is it when you got stood on by 17 girls at a time?Hox do the girls feel before doing it?…..
Michael from Cologne

super site la meilleur du web vraiment et j`ai visiter déja beaucoup sites comme membre. salutation micha

I just wanted to you guys are doing a good job with the videos. I would love it if you would add some video clips for us non members in windowsMedia player. How about a Fireman get trampled by a firegirl video? lol

Thanks for having a great site. You guys make some of the best videos I have ever seen. I
would like to join your site again in the future.....
Thankyou. Mike.

….great site;-)

Great site you have there.Neil

Dear Cucciolo,
Lets introduce myself; I am a Swedish guy, 28 yrs old, sharing your interest in trampling and footfetish.
You have the best site on the Internet I think, that has given me many pleasures after I found it in cyberspace…..
Sincerely yours

I live in utah usa. And by the way you have a great website thx you !!!!! Olivier

hello there,
my name is Oscar from Italy, I recently joined to your great site….
Many thanks
Best Regards

Ciao Cucciolo,
da sempre ammiro la tua produzione di video di trampling….
Grazie per l'attenzione,

congratulation,wonderful site all actriz is very nice
Thank,have nice week

Site is great

…Thank you for your great site !!!
And a specially regards for Mrs Lola !!  :-)
Regards from Poland

Hi there! Love your site and your vidoes!! Great work!!
Per. Sweden

i am member since long time for your great (best) page….
Many thanks

Hallo Cucciolo,
I am a trample fanatic from Poland.
Your site is the best on net.
best regards

bjr a tous et bravo pour votre site GENIAL ........phil.

I was wondering if you would be making any more cock and or ball trample videos, the ones you have done have been great. i loved them so much.
again i love your site, you guys are amazinly luck. i would also like to know how you are able to get such amazing women in on it

The clips who i downloaded are one of the best in the net
I hope you can read my english
With nice wishes

bravo pour votre site, il est super
A bientot

I've received the tape on 08.07 Thanks a lot, the video is great!
Best rgrds,

Thanks for leaving all these great stuff on your page.

i can no longer (at least for a while) afford the money to spend on your FABULOUS website. But still i want to thank you for this great pictures and movies you keep making. I hope i can someday return again to continue my love for feet......
Thanks for all

I love your website. Keep up the good work. R. K.   USA


At first you have a great website! When are you gonna make a video with girls driving on bikes, scooters over men. Driving over Chest, stomach, back, hands and head! That all in combination with trampling and jeans facesitting. Regards,Richard


Dear Friends,
I was very happy that you finally made pics and a video with a girl actually
trampling a cock. Ihave always wished you´d extend your site with a section
dedicated to this topic. Please please do more and I´ll be joining your site
all the time. The girls are wonderful.

Hi there...
I have been a frequent visitor to your site and enjoyed it very much. …..

Ciao Cucciolo,mi chiamo Salvatore e vivo in Italia (Puglia) visito assiduamente il tuo sito e seguo costantemente gli aggiornamenti dei film da  te prodotti (eccezionali) dove riscontro situazioni da me sempre immaginate e sognate fin dalla tenera eta', per non parlare delle straordinarie attrici da te selezionate per le svariate interpretazioni,in particolare Lola alla quale rivolgo un ossequioso saluto, ed una leccata ai suoi venerabili piedi…
….ti saluto cordialmente, e bacio i piedi di tutte le ragazze del tuo staff.

I have found your site recently and I think it is great…..

Hey guys, Just found your site. It is the best ever! I can't wait to see more.
You guys are the best! Thanks,

Dear Cucciolo,
I share your taste for ladies' bare feet. I have been a member of your site in the past and got several videos too.
Thank you for the great site,

Dear friends at Cucciolopage,
I purchased some of your videos before, and I am a great fan of yours!…..
Thank you.

Ciao cucciolo!
il tuo sito è molto bello,mi piacerebbe molto farti visita x vedere da vicino come lavori,ma purtroppo siamo un po lontani...
Sei un grande e complimenti x le ragazze!
Ciao Sly

Hello Cucciolo: You guys are amazing. Just incredible work!
Thank you for what you do. The barefoot facestanding you feature is just terrific.
 Your models are physically fit, eager and attractive……………
Again, what you're doing is just outstanding……….

Your site is really great! Go on!

Hey guys,
Just wanted to say I love your site. I have purchased a few of your videos, and have really enjoyed them. I will be buying a few more soon, mainly the Lola domination series. I already have ' Lola's Smile', which is fantastic! I am totally infatuated with Lola. She is one of the sexiest, most beautiful, dominant woman alive!
I would also like to comment that I think the overall shoe & boot worship has gotten much better here lately. In particular, I am a huge fan of worshipping, licking, the insoles of the ladies shoes, flops, so forth. Very exciting and humiliating for the slave
Thank's again for a great site. Might talk to you soon about a custom video.
Steven U.S.A.

Subject: Great DVD
I just received my order of Lola''s DVD' and she is amazing...Great job...I know you have some amazing models and you are not into introductions, but if there is any way I could find to communicate with Lola I would be eternally greatful.Lola is almost a carbon copy of a model we used to use for our ads, and I would love to know if she would have any interest in a model assignment over here. Thanks in advance for your help... Stuart

You have very nice actresses with real abilities!!!
Best wishes!!

Sylvio (from germany) p.s. this is a really really good side !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
….Thanks for considering this, and keep up the great work.

Keep up the great work, and I look forward to seeing Lola's Smile and Trample Therapy soon.
Give my envy and my sympathy to Cucciolo!!

It is nice to know that I am not the only person in the world who wants to
get tramplet! Your website is great !
Greatings from Finland

Tout d'abord, 1000 bravos pour ce site absolument génial !
J'ai vu que vous avez une section membre, je serais curieux de savoir ce qu'elle apporte en plus, la partie gratuite étant déjà si extraordinaire. Quoi qu'il en soit je serais heureux de devenir un de vos membres ... Encore félicitations pour vos exploits et le travail que ça représente.
Amitiés fétichistes

Hello guys from cucciolopage,
it's a real great site with 100% good stuff.
Good work!
Best regards,
Timo (from Germany)

i'm a member of your site for now three month.
your site is very fine and an expert style….
frindly greatings from
tommy (germany)

ciaooo!! son toniroy !!!....
siete sempre i migliori!!!!!!

Thanks for a wonderful site………
Best regards
(Oslo, Norway)

Where on earth do you find such gorgeous women to trample you?! Man I could only dream! Anyhow I was wondering if you folks would ever consider doing a video where the guy is trampled by a woman or women wearing the soccer uniform cleats and all! If ya need a volunteer I I am available!! Just kiddin. Keep up the great work.
 A Fan in Canada,

Hi, Cucciolo. My name is Vitaliy. I from Kiev, Ukraine.
I write to express admiration of your site. Especially of video. I  wander under the Internet for a long time and saw many sites of similar theme. But anywhere I did not see such quantity of a tremendous video with such perfect girls.Especially I'm in delight from Margo and Lola. It is simple a fantastic!
Appallingly sexual women with perfect feet!
Therefore I was not capable to buy these magnificent videoes. But even having seen previews to films, I have understood, that never saw anything better . Barefeet trampling it is my liked theme. I am simple in delight from it. Therefore even a photo from previews much more surpass similar on other sites, their quantity and beauty is especial. Therefore HUGE THANKS to YOU  that place on a site previews to these magnificent films!
As I already spoke, similar beauty I did not see more anywhere.
Also know, Cucciolo, I envy you. To test such, as in your films, to lick, to smell these perfect feet of these goddesses, to feel them on the face, throat, breast... It is a fantastic. I would like some time to test  a little of such pleasure.
At our country, to regret,footfetish  is not distributed. I never met of the girl liking to trample, to stand on the face,foot licking, sniffing ... For me this is  huge torment. And I am glad for you, that you can test such huge amount of pleasure. And I can only enjoy of pictures from your films. My destiny is those probably.
But all the same, large thanks for this magnificent site and these previews to tremendous videoes. Great female feet lover Vitaliy.

Hi, Iam a meber of your fabulous site and I am extremely happy with the barefoot trample. You are the best ever!!! I wish I could be one of the guys that gets trampled by all your very beautiful women. Please tell them all that I think they are the best and they have the most beautiful feet i have ever seen, especially when they paint them red!!!!
I am a member and I would like to purchase a DVD (Lethal Poker).
Thanks for all the great work, keep it up.

Thanks - I now have no problem joining you
great work

Hi Marvelous people!  I really
enjoy your website.  You'll are my idols and dream
come true.  I am an extreme fan of trample and feet.
Thanks guys.Willie

I just discovered your website and it's great.  How you get so many beautiful girls to participate in those roles is incredible.  If I may, I'd like to make one suggestion.  I realize your focus is trample and it's the best I've ever seen.  However, there are some of us who enjoy a mixture of trample and sitting.  Have you ever given any thought to doing any videos with a mixture of trample and sitting.  You definitely have the beautiful girls.  Having one trample a guy while the other sits full weight on his face would be awesome.  He wouldn't even know when the girl would be jumping or stepping because he couldn't see.  In any case, just a suggestion.  Keep up the good work and thanks for listening. X

I am a member of the Archive site....which is great....I love your site....I've been a member before...and always enjoy it very much.  Thanks for such a great site!!! X

the models are beautiful
and the photos and video clips are great, i will be checking back often
to see what's new.  keep up the good work! X

Great site, I wanted to ask Cucciolo what it smelt like when he had seventeen pairs of feet around his face in Seventeen Teens Gang, thanks X

Innanzitutto, vi faccio i complimenti per il vostro fantastico sito, ho gia' acquistato un video e penso che ne prenderò altri……
Ciao Ciao ed ancora bravissimi per i video!!!! X

Colgo innanzitutto l'occasione per ringraziarla
di cuore per l'estrema cortesia dimostratami
nell'avermi dato le notizie richieste.
Ho già inviato stamane l'ordine relativo al video
"Three dungeon bitches".
Le auguro i più sinceri auguri di buon anno,complimenti
per il suo lavoro e mi faccia sapere quando le perviene
il mio ordine e quando parte la sua spedizione.
Arrivederci al prossimo video.X

Looking through your site, I'm really impressed with the content of your videos.  The girls are so good looking.  ….Thanks. X

Ciao sono un ragazzo di 33 anni e sono un patito del vostro sito. E' da più di 6 anni che vi visito . …

The Christmas teddy bear crush DVD arrived yesterday.
After a first view, I have to say it again: I´m impressed at your and the girls effort to
transfer my description and wishes to the last detail. It´s great. Also to hear them
speak German. Thank you and the girls……….


With all honesty, you are my idol!
It is really amazing how beautiful your women are! …..

hi, i am a member of your site and i just love it. it is the best site i've ever seen. i am very interested in joining the archive section. thank you

I wanted to tell you that you have the BEST trample site on the Internet.  I love to check out the different trample sites, attend foot parties, and fantasize like the rest of your viewers.  With my dedicated interest, I wanted you to know that you definitely have the best site with the most beautiful girls, with the most gorgeous feet I have ever seen….

Dear Fanny,
Vous êtes très  jolie,you are beautifull,vous êtes une Déesse.
I love you!!!

I want to thank you for providing a great service…

Hello lucky man, thanks a lot for your wonderful web site…..
Good luck for your site, keep doing this great job

Just fantastic stuff- I've been looking at your site for a few years & there is no comparison.

I'd just like to say you guys are the best in the trampling business, excellent videos and the best models(especially that Polish looking girl Anna.) Thanks
Over the years I never trusted any site for delivering what it was I wanted…  after seeing the 15 girl trample, the 8 girl trample, and the 4 girl one from the pay per view one I am very impressed.  I like the trample without the nudity and that’s exactly what you gave.

You really did a good job and I like your vedios very much!
I want subscribe this wonderful cucciolopage.

hi i really like ur site and ur videos…….
hey man, first off, great site guys! some of the best stuff on the net!…
thanks man, again, great site!

Merci pour votre réponse immédiate!…. Bonne soirée et bravo pour les vidéos!

i have visited your site very often in the last 2 years! you have done amazing things for the trample community. i respect you very much!! i am very happy to see that you now have videos with sneakers and socks and buffalos. those are my favorites!!
thanks for reading my email! i am a HUGE fan!!

hey you guys are definately the best i've seen at what you do
Cucciolo, you are great. I admire you

dear cucciolo,
what can i say your site is great!!!!!!!
it is probably the best site i've visited which has beautiful women
beating up men. i really like the victims helplessness when he is being beaten
by a hell of a lot of babes!! anyway your site i great, no its the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but with a bit more sitting involved it could be made even better.

You are the best.

I think your films are wonderful

It's BZHeels from USA!  Love your site!!!

Hi, I am a 40yo white, tall ,thin male trample fan from the States.
How do you guys get so many beautiful women to step on you?????
I would give anything to be barefoot trampled by 3-10 women (no spikes please, the high heel stuff is incredible!) …..
keep up the great work!!!!

Hey webmaster, I just joined in Sept and really enjoy the website...
You guys are living my fantasy and you should keep up the good work...

bonjour , je trouve la presentation de votre site superbe , c'est ce que j'ai toujours cherché sur le net sans jamais le trouver………….

Thanks for the service it was the greatest trampling site I never  visited!
Bye for now!
(I'll be back!)

How do you take so much abuse and not be in intensive care.
Great Job… Really “Cutting” Edge.

Hi, sorry my bad english.
I love, love this site!!!! My fetish for trample is very big! …
Very thank's!!!
Feriel, Anabelle, Elodie, Angelique, Margo, Claire, Geri, Christel, Zined are the best!!!!!!
HOooo MY GOD !!!!

Hi there,
I want to stop my membership . I was a satified member off your great site, thank you.

Please visit her site at

Mistress Scarlet The Whipper

The really Famous Italian Mistress

"Scarlet The Whipper"meets CuccioloPage to shoot a few videos.